Softer realistic vibe with dial?

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a realistic vibe that is quite soft? She doesn't like firm vibes and ideally it would be silicone or equivalent/better with a dial control as we find the buttons don't usually offer the same range of gradual and controllable intensity.


Most vibrators have buttons rather than a dial. The only vibrators I've seen with a dial controm system are wands. There are plenty of vibrators that you can control the intensity of the vibrations on though. Maybe something like this?

You can control the intensity of each setting via the left and right buttons.

I can definitely recommend the one you linked NatandTom! It's nice and soft and really easy to control!

I know haha I have it too :)

What about a wand with attachment?

Thanks all, the opening line "Forget pre-set pattern strength and instead pick and choose your exact stimulation style" sounds like exactly what I'm after and it's silicone too!

Vanessa, we've seen the wands and they certainly have good reviews but we weren't sure about how powerful they were...

Wands are mains powered. So will of course be more powerful than battery operated vibes.