Some advice on couple toys please

I'm looking to get my fiancée and me a toy we can BOTH enjoy.

She had numerous dildos and I have a fake pussy, but it's mostly for when one of us is out or not in the mood.

We have a 14 month old so nothing too loud or "out there" such as sex swings etc, just something we can use in bed but doesn't cost too much money :)

Remote controlled toys? or would be a good cheap place to start!

The last one I suggested has other possibilities, it also comes in the form of two different cock rings, a butt plug and a prostate massager. :) Here's an example of one of the cock rings;

You could try a cock ring like this one?

As suggested a cock ring could be your toy. We HIGHLY recommend this one

It's not only a cock ring, it's a 'bullet' vibrator, and can be used to massage wherever you feel fit 😏, and it's Poweeeerfulll, we love it.

we have the wevibe 3 which is a good couples toy, and probably cheeper than it used to be now that the 4 is out. Some of the lelo ones are nice, we liked the remote control one that they do Lyla 2, its really well made and the remote works really well to.

The lelo noa is good to, its similar to the wevibe and then there is always a wand, they can be great fun for both males and females, we have the lelo one, doxy, fairy and a little swan one, my fave is the lelo as it is rechargeable so no wire.

happy shopping

If your looking for something that you can both enjoy together on a budget then this is a great idea

I just thought I recently purchased this I've bought it for some valentines fun so haven't used it yet but the reviews are pretty good and it's cheap, might be with a look. X

how about the liberator wedge cushion?

I really want one, lol...