Some advice please

Hi we have just got some p,v,c sheets and would like to know which oil, if any, is safe for internal use while using it with these sheets. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

I believe water based is the only one.

Did some research on Wikipedia as I was curious. And this is what I found.

Yes, this is on cyberskin but it's made from PVC and silicon.

The materials, from the group of thermal plastic elastomers, are mixtures of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. As such, they are attacked by oil, petroleum, and silicone oils, therefore only water-based lubricants can be used without causing damage.

Thanks a lot. I never gave the effect oils might have on the sheets themselves a thought. I was more concerned about the adverse effect any oils may cause to my lady. we were hopin to lube up and wrap ourselves in the sheets. Usin the usual lubes would prove rather expensive thats why we thought to ask if anyone had any suggestions concernin oils