Some advice

Having read some of the posts on this site, I decided to give Anal a bit of a go. In the last month I have purchased,
Jumbo Jelly Thai Beads, Fun Factory Bootie Butt Plug, Love Labs Starter Glass Butt Plug, Tantus ProTouch Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug and some others.

I love the Fun Factory Bootie as it stays put, its comfortable and it hits the spot. The Tantus Protouch has me crawling up the walls and hits all the right spots, but unfortunately, it wont stay in and you have to hold it in place.

So, I am looking for a plug that has the form and beauty of the Bootie coupled with the intense throbbing drive to massive orgasm that the Protouch has.

Anyone no of such a thing ??

PS - As a newbie I dont want large and wide.

Thanks in advance

Good question!
If you're not set on having a vibrating toy, the Aneros MGX would be a good choice. It can take some getting used to, but it's quite unique in the way that it works its way in and then stays in:
Another Tantus one to consider would be the Clover, though it's not quite as beautiful as the Bootie
Hope that helps a bit...

Thanks OA Sex Chimp. The Tantas clover appears to have a wide neck at the bottom (pardon the pun)and so would probably suffer from the slippage problem.

I did spot the nexus vibro on the web and at first glance that appears to tick all the boxes but one, price.... is quiyte expensive. Pity Lovehoney couldnt do a deal by butying in bulk and get the price down a bit ;-)

My boy has a range of anal stuff, and the Rude Boy has been quite popular with him. It's not quite a "butt plug" but more like the Rock Chick for boys, ie a curved, 'sit-on' toy with a built-in vibe. This makes it easier to sit and play with than the Aneros, which really you have to lie down and use. Also because the Aneros is hard plastic, some people find it a little unforgiving and inflexible.

Here's the Rude Boy:

The price tag means it's quite an investment, but it is made of silicone so should last you a lifetime. The vibe bit is removable so if it dies, you can just replace it, at a much lower cost than the price of a new toy.