Some sale merchandise absent from sale pages

I've noticed for some time now that the Cottelli Classic Patterned Corset, whilst it is officially sale merchandise and was advertised in the email as such, it doesn't show up on the sale lingerie pages along with the other Cottelli corsets. And today I noticed that the vibrawhip thingy was advertised in the email at a fiver in the sale, but was absent from the BDSM sale items.



Is it possible that a small but significant number of items are slipping through the net and missing from the sale pages? Or are some items omitted deliberately?

ive noticed this aswell

the pack of masked moments is missing but is in the sale along with the durex wand thingey but when find them on the noral site it says sale and the sale price.

also when ive sorted the sale to the newest the same stuff is there, but if i look through it there new stuff in there but like in the middle and back pages :S


I'm glad it's not just me. :)

Hiya - sorry about this - my bad... when something is added to the sale it is done so in two different places! One to add the 'sale' banner and one to add it to the sale pages. It looks like although these two had sale banners they had not been added to the correct section of the site. Sorry for the confusion. I can confirm that they are now there! B

Thanks Bonny and Ruth, much appreciated. :)

The point I was trying to make was that those two items aren't the only ones missing from the sale pages, those were the ones I was able to track. I know that there are more sale items missing from the sale pages. If checking that out is at all possible, could you please?

Many thanks. :)

I think the issue may be then that the sale was due to finish on Friday. Some products were due to leave the sale and the 'sale' flag should have been removed. It looks like they've been moved from the section and not had the 'flag' removed. I'll see what the tech team can do about it.

Thank you Bonny, I look forward to feeling less confused. I appreciate it. :)

LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

Lubyanka wrote:

Thank you Bonny, I look forward to feeling less confused. I appreciate it. :

Motto is: see it with a banner but not in the sale section? Buy it before it goes!

Message received and understood. ;)