Somehow I managed to lose two toys in one night

Something I've learnt after 3 weeks at university: no matter how drunk you and your flatmates are, don't let them convince you to show off your sex toys, especially if that means taking them out of your room.

I swear I returned my humble collection to my own room, but I was drunk out of my mind (kept falling over lol). We were going to go out but I ended up staying home and going to bed, which I think was a good decision. So I stumble into my room and dump everything on the floor, and when I come round this morning and it's time to collect my most personal possessions, I'm missing a butt plug and a set of ben-wa balls.

I've checked my bedding, under and down the side of the matress/bed, in my crates of clothes, inside my shoes and bags - nothing. I don't know where they've gone. I even went back into my flatmate's room (with his permission of course - that was an awkward conversation!) to see if I had in fact left them there. Nope.

There's a small chance they fell into one of my bags of crumpled up freshers fliers but I'm not about to go rooting about in there. They weren't too expensive and easily replaced if I'm honest, but I'm more worried about them showing up during an inspection! Or even being found by whoever inherits my room next year.

I'm stumped. I've given up. They may as well have fallen through a wormhole. There is't a trace. Unless someone knicked them but ew, really? I doubt it.

On another note, it was interesting how two of the lads in the group were very uncomfortable with the whole exhibition while everyone else finds it funny; I guess female pleasure isn't something they realise exists haha!

I suppose this gives me the opportunity to buy something else though.

Feel free to add any other misadventures. I can't be the only one. (I hope.)

Lucky for me no real misplaced toys, though with my ex in bed one night his mum knocked as I stuffed a bottle of lube under the bed the completely forgot then thought whats that about 3 in the morning lol x I did have to go into a sex shop for my friend who was far to embarrassed to buy a bullet for herself x

Nice to know that black holes exist also in other people's places, not only in mine! Incidentally, my lost things (no sex toys till now) generally turn up after I've bought a replacement - you could try that.

In a hungover state I am sure your nit up to par... maybe they got dropped somewhere. Stop looking and hopefully they turn up.