Something new

Hi guys, my wife and I are gearing up for a nice session tonight and decided that for the next month, each weekend we would try and do something new that we had not done before. At the moment we really enjoy oral together, before some massaging and then full sex. This can last for a couple of hours and we love it and look forward to the times when we do this as they are few and far between (kids/work etc!) we really want to try something new tonight and was wondering if there were any suggestions out there (we have no toys, are working up to that and anal is a complete no!) Thanks in advance

Have you tried blindfolded massages? I tried this with oh a few months back as he loves getting massages & he said having one blindfolded really made it more of a turn on and hightened his sense to my touch. We also like to use ice during massages, I love running the ice up his back & along his shoulders with the it in my mouth ^_^

You say you have no toys, OK, maybe I'm getting ahead here but.

Why not both set up an account and set an agreed spend for each session. Then get online, make a purchase to be used either on or by whomever - your decision in advance - and go from there. You obviously know each others boundaries so could be a good entry into the world of sex toys etc.

Just my thoughts whatever you decide, have fun!

I'm in agreement with MissNoir about ice! It's a wonderful feeling, especially when combined with a blindfold. I would say if you're using ice striaght from the freezer to give it a quick run under the cold tap before touching skin, it just takes the edge off the ice and prevents it from giving freeze burns on delicate areas! One handy little tip is to buy a 'freeze-it-yourself' lolly kit (most pound shops this time of year) and that way you've a handle handle to hold the ice with and some rather interesting shapes to play with ;)

However, almost anything around the house can be used to explore new sensations and play with a little care.

Pillow cases are great restraints - get your wife to put her arms behind her back, put her hands into the case and pull it up so it goes past her elbows, instant restraint!

Ties - make wonderful blindfolds and tend not to be too harsh against the eyes, make sure it's an old though

Ribbons, shoe laces, feather dusters, etc - all make great ticklers, just trace them delicately over your freshly restrained and blindfolded partner!

There are lots of things around you can use just be a little creative and always with care!

Gentleman Wealdan, I can't wait for you to try some of these things out on me tomorrow ;)

Gentleman Wealdan, I can't wait for you to try some of these things out on me tomorrow ;)