Songbook Stories

Hiya folks, a wee bit of insight to what I get up to when my heart and head work as a team. I make up stories (or try) using song titles. If you like this one for David Bowie then why not tell me your favourite singer/group and I’ll write one for you and post it here too.

David Bowie 10/01/2016
Well is it LITTLE WONDER this morning i thought someone was TELLING LIES…but it is indeed ASHES TO ASHES for our little SPACE ODDITY and his LIFE ON MARS
no magic from a KNOCK ON WOOD or even THE JEAN GENIE…he was the LITTLE DRUMMER BOY who wanted PEACE ON EARTH
The REBEL REBEL that brought ZIGGY STARDUST to life with his SOUND AND VISION
but since he was one of life’s ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS until today WHEN THE WIND BLOWS. …
he was one of the music scene’s HEROES
His FAME brought us many GOLDEN YEARS
but even though it’s BLACK TIE WHITE NOISE time don’t drown yourself in SORROW
because a REBEL NEVER GETS OLD…He’ll be expecting you to have a MAGIC DANCE,
no need for BREAKING GLASS cos DAY IN DAY OUT whether you’re on the ground or UNDERGROUND the MODERN LOVE for this STAR MAN will last till the end of TIME
so LET’S DANCE for THE PRETTIEST STAR in our skies tonight… DAVID BOWIE :star2:


Being a huge Bowie fan I loved this x

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I have done this before and won concert tickets for Judas Priest! Did one the other day too, but it’s personal!


:clap: Wouldve taken me FIVE YEARS to write that


Oh wow :blush: thanks @AmyA xx

Yaaaay well done @WillC it’s great that you won something for yours :blush:… aye personal ones can be tough

Awww @DownSouth2 I doubt that. I can actually write them and poems easier than writing a letter :see_no_evil: I even asked if I could do my SVQ3 assignments in rhyme :joy:

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The personal one wasn’t tough at all, i enjoyed it! Just can’t share it here! :slightly_smiling_face:
Yours was fab!

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Im guessing the answer was no? If i read them would’ve said yes just to see if it was possible to get the content and rhyme

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:blush:glad to hear it @WillC :blush:

Thank you :blush:

@DownSouth2 she actually said yes if it meant I’d get it finished on time, but when she seen my eyes light up she said she was joking :joy:

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Ohh how about the Lost Boy by Greg Holden, right now its on repeat for myself. For me the lyrics are about overcoming and I love it @Amunique its like an anthem for me and my sister rt

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I’ll see what I can do @Stuck_nomore :blush:

Ohh absolutely. I know this is not an easy one, honestly I’d take a long time if I was doing this :blush: I applaud anyone willing to give something like this a try!

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@Stuck_nomore hope this is ok, I ain’t got a clue where it came from but I’m feeling quite emotional this morning.

Greg Holden

I wish this was A WONDERFUL WORLD but it doesn’t feel like HOME… I NEED AN ENERGY so that I can GO CHASE THE SUN with the BOYS IN THE STREET… I have to HOLD ON TIGHT to the dream that THE NEXT LIFE will be SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL because I’ve been to HELL AND BACK.
I’ve mastered THE ART OF FALLING from the TOWER TERRAIN while FOLLOWING FOOTSTEPS of other HUMANS while we were ON THE RUN. We were supposed to be living THE AMERICAN DREAM, but I felt the POWER SHIFT as I stood there with EMPTY HANDS longing to be FREE AGAIN. This isn’t WHAT I DESERVE because I’m HONEST and I’M NOT YOUR ENEMY, I’m just THE LOST BOY, struggling to keep up and CHOKING ON THE CONCRETE. Go and SAVE YOURSELF because NOTHING CHANGES. Sometimes I think I’m EXACTLY LIKE YOU but SHE’S GOT SOMETHING and she won’t GIVE IT AWAY. AS FAR AS I CAN tell IT’LL ALL COME OUT in the end but I promise you, I WON’T FORGET you.


Woah that was soo cool!! :clap: would you be able to do one of Taylor Swift please :grin: I’m very intrigued to the story and if it’ll end up as a heart break/romantic one or if it’s possible to make it without any romance muahaha!!

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Thanks @AJSTAR :blush:how’s you this morning? Hope you’re almost back to being ticketyboo :blush:. I’ll get Taylor done for you, even I don’t know how it’s going to end till I see her song titles and start using them :joy:

@AJSTAR are you sitting comfortably? :joy:

Taylor swift

Well LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, I suppose I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE so DON’T BLAME ME. Oh to be 22 again and having only CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS. Never in my WILDEST DREAMS would I have seen this CRUEL SUMMER coming. There I was just staring into BLANK SPACE when I seen THE MAN sitting under a WILLOW tree, more of an ANTI-HERO than an EXILE but he was definitely from BAD BLOOD. We were fast approaching AUGUST but I wished we could go BACK TO DECEMBER. That was when he said I looked GORGEOUS wearing my party DRESS and CARDIGAN and he placed PAPER RINGS made from cracker hats round my neck. I had STYLE and felt like I was in a LOVE STORY but he wasn’t my LOVER. It was an ENCHANTED situation, one I didn’t know ALL TOO WELL, and I just wasn’t…READY FOR IT. I remember saying YOU BELONG WITH ME , yes ME! He didn’t love me THE WAY I LOVED YOU, and if I can’t have you then I DON’T WANNA LIVE FOREVER, so I DID SOMETHING BAD, and I just can’t SHAKE IT OFF but YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN before I tell you…


@Amunique ohh that was lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my feeling is hopeful and unique… very north American feel… lol I’m Canadian but this resonates. Awesome job :open_hands:

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@Stuck_nomore glad you like it. Thank you. I’d never heard of him but he has some interesting song titles. I’ll listen to him later :blush:
I visited Canada with my parents in the 70’s. We flew into Halifax, lived with relatives in Sussex NB and then went to live with more in Wolfwille NS. It was an amazing holiday :blush:

I’m feel loads better at last! Thank you for asking :smiley:
Haha I love a surprise mystery, must make it all the more fun doing these sorts of stories when you don’t know how it’ll play out :grin:

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Yep let me get into my reading pose :ok_man:

Hahaha!!! That was epic! :rofl: oh I loved reading this so much and it actually made me smile :blush: so a massive thank you for cheering me up today @Amunique :hugs:

I wanna read more music stories!!

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So glad you’re feeling a lot better @AJSTAR :blush: you’re welcome.
Aye it’s a lot of fun doing these stories, I’ve seen some interesting song titles through the years :joy:.

Yaaaay, I’m so glad you liked it and a bonus that it cheered you up :blush:
Hopefully there will be more for you to read :blush:. Enjoy the rest of your day :blush: