Sound of rain

Listening to it raining outside. Sounds lovely and has made me think how nice it would be to have sex outside in the rain. Also in the woods while raining. Sound of rain on the trees. Think this might be my new fantasy.

i love to go out in the yard in the pouring rain and shag my wife bent over the car bonnet

I hate the rain, and being damp or rained on, so this would be my ideal of hell! Lol!

i love the rain too. listening to it rain is bliss for me. on my alexa i have an app that imitates rain sounds to help me drift off.

ive had sex in the woods but not whilst its raining

You can get the same effect on the shower without the cooling breeze or gale. Also the water temperature is controllable. Did it in the rain once and our clothes were soaked and the moment was lost because of the temperature which was far from tropical.