Spanked at School, Role Play

Being spankked before or during sex is one of my favourite things and after a good spanking the other night O/H asked was I ever spanked at school.

I often had detention and lines at secondary school and was sent to headmisstress (all girls school) a few times but never received the slipper, which was used on the girls and TBH I was always really scared of receiving it.

O/H is now thinking I should receive a spanking punishment as a schoolgirl (older one obviously) and he's going think of something naughty I have done and suitably spank/punish me for it!!! TBH thinking about this is making me really horny and I can't wait for my punishment!!!

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Sounds soooo sexy! I have a school uniform that I wear occasionally when I feel naughty and wang my husband to spank me, which always leads to other things. 😁

Well Ive had to wait a while, as have had guests staying, but the wait is nearly over (I think/hope) they have just left and I have been to to report to his office at 12 noon sharp!!!

My wife has only recently realised how much she enjoys a little pain on her cheeks during sex. She always thought it weird, especially the spanking scenes in the fifty shades films. But when I started gently she loved it. So I bought a flogger for a naughty weekend away. I couldnt seem to spank her hard enough with it! I was so turned hearing her moans.

My wife has only just realised how much she like a spanking , always did a little tap during fun time , but the past few months she really enjoys a good spanking and it plays a big role now during any fun time we have !

WOW, what can I say but that was amazing!!!!

Reported to his office at 12 noon as requested, to find a slipper, a plimsole, wooden ruler, leather paddle, leather belt and a crop lined up on his desk and a cane hanging on the wall !!!

Straight away I was in trouble for not knocking on the door, was told to bend over chair, skirt was pulled up and tucked in, knickers came down and sliiper came out, I received 14 spanks (7 on each cheek) whilst having to repeat after him after each spank "I will learn to respect him and knock on the door before entering his office" Was then sent out of room and made to stand in the corner for 15 mins to think about what I had done and to let the stinging and redness come out. Next I was in trouble for my skirt being too short, bent back over chair and received 12 spanks with the wooden ruler across the tops of the backs of my thighs just where they meet my cheeks (have to say every spank was perfectly aimed) again having to repeat a sentence about my skirt being to short, then corner time again, next was wrong shoes, for which I received another 12 spanks, plimsole was used this time, then another corner time!!!

We then got to why I was called to his office in the first place, he had wriitten down 6 reasons as to what naughty things I had done and was to be punished for, hence the 6 items on his desk!!! Bent back over chair 10 spanks with slipper, corner time, 10 with plimsole, corner time, 8 with ruler, corner time, then 6 of the best with each of the others, and corner time inbetween each one!!! The corner between each one defiently gave my cheeks time for the redness and stinging to take effect!!!

I was then made to write 150 lines, 50 each about knocking on office door, skirt being to short and wrong shoes, whist sitting on a wooden chair which wasn't easy!!! Was told any mistakes would be punished!!!! 6 mistakes were found which resulted in 6 of the best with the cane!!!!

Amazing afternoon!!!!

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