spanking anyone?!

OK guys, question - I'm into spanking (giving rather than recieving), but have never actually told any of my partners that this is quite a turn on for me.. I'd really like to test the water with my current bloke as I get the feeling he's, erm, that way inclined... any suggestions?!

How about, "ooh what a lovely bottom, whenever I see it like that I feel like putting you over my knee for a spanking!"

Should get you your answer!

lol, now THAT is a tempting thought (he does has a fantasitc butt, I will say so right now ;)

Well I know what would work for me, so here's my suggestion:

If your bloke is being roudy or silly, put on a mock serious tone (so he knows you're playing) and say to him with a twinkle in your eye,

"Now really - you're just being naughty! If you don't start behaving immediately I'll have to put you over my knee and give you a good spanking"

If he's shocked you can both laugh it off as just a joke. If he likes the idea it'll give him the chance to either say "promise?" or to carry on acting up to play along with your game.

I promise you this works - I enjoy giving the odd spanking too! Once you've used it you can always guarantee the person will know exactly what you mean when you tell them they're being naughty! And you can develop the theme too. You might find (like I have) that some people who've never been spanked will surprise you by their desire to submit and play all sorts of kinky power games!

Try it and let me know how you do - I'd be interested :-)

I was just honest and open from the start - I am blatenly kinky and there was never any hiding it, most men are too scared to just say they want to be spanked in case the gf thinks they are disgusting and a pervert.

How about just just him a nice playful slap on the rump when he bends over or has his ass on display - you should tell if it brings a twinkle to his eye or makes him stand to attention.... otherwise just talk to him lol - they don't usually get women's brand of hints and subtelty!

Good look! :)

I am curious about spanking... i have never tried it... I wondered what it is ppl get out of it... is it just a turn on or do u get pleasure from it?? Please let me know :D Holds breath waiting :P

"I wondered what it is ppl get out of it... is it just a turn on or do u get pleasure from it?? Please let me know"

I personally enjoy the pain/sensation, as well as the feeling of being controlled and reprimanded for 'naughty' behaviour.

And from the other side of things, the feeling of slapping a good arse and watching red marks appear is very sexy.

Ok.. I may give it a go.. We play fight alot and I love the little pet punches and love slaps.. who knows I may be back here later telling you what I think.. Thanks for the quick reply miss-nomer.

@ Laynie

It's all about endorphins - natural opiates that are produced in the body. Being spanked creates them and gives you a natural feeling of wellbeing.

When you're spanked your bottom begins to sting (in a good way, like eating a hot curry for instance) Soon it turns into a warm, sensitive sensation as your nerve endings come alive. The extra sensitivity and heightened level of endorphins, plus all the extra blood flow can be a huge turn-on. If spanked well, the hot tingling sensation spreads to your clit. Or in a guys case his penis. Sex after being spanked can be very special.

Get your partner to spank you gently at first and try building up - that way you wont be put off if he gets too enthusiastic too soon. Best if he or she has some experience but not vital. Don't be scared of being spanked though - it might be a shock the first time, mentally more than anything, but you wont be hurt by it. My preferance is to spank with my cupped bare hand as my lover lies across my lap, bottom raised and spread slightly by a pillow. Or another position as requested by them.

A lot of the pleasure that can be had is to do with the role play and eroticism that go with spanking, not just the act itself.

Anyway - give it a go. Enjoy!

Ok here is my new view on Spanking...
I'm shocked as I have not ever done it before ... and me and my hubby have been together for 10 years....It was good...I was shocked he didnt ask why I wanted to be spanked :P lmao he just got on with it :P..... I am a convert from no spanky spanky to spank me spank me :O
Good fun!!

Oooooh, another convert! *boing*

Did he enjoy it too? You could try dressing up in stockings and suspenders next time, and acting all slinky - that REALLY turns guys on to giving a good spanking. Well, it does me anyway... :-)

He is in to spanking me, He wouldnt like me to spank him :P, but as for dressing up.. be there done that got the t. shirt.. its great fun the first 20 times after that it gets a bit pricey buying new stuff to dress up in after he has wrecked them all trying to get em off :O he breaks all my under wear if I dont take it off first lol.

Excuse me for a moment whilst I imagine that... :-)

I prefer to leave them on (her!)- I find it veeeery sexy spanking or making love with a woman wearing stockings and suspenders. And a basque. *sigh*

Hehehe romantic are ya :P well sadly all men arent the same oh well :P lmao.

oh, I've been away far too long, this string is getting interesting!
Ah, a fellow fan of corsetry I see ;) Laynie, is you can, invest in a really good corset, it'll last you for years.. plus dead easy to get out of when the mood takes you ;)

hehehe I will keep it in mind....but being a sex toy addict i cant afford both :P.... p.s I have 3 sex toys winging their way to me hold tight for my reviews :D

lmao!! Have to admit am also a bit of an addict... what can I say - only see my other half at week-ends, thats a full 5 days alone :( But trust me, a good corset does wonders for figure and love life!! And sooo much sexier than a pair of magic knickers ;)

I fully agree about the wonder of corsets. But I've had a bit of a corset fetish for some years now, so I'm slightly biased :P Pretty much everyone looks truly scrumptious in one, though. Hopefully I'll be getting a nice, new, leather one in the near future :D

We stumbled onto the spanking thing by accident. Ms TLS and I were renewing our acquaintence one day and, approaching the point of no return, I spanked her bum. It wasn't intentional (or even particularly conscious) but she loved it. So I did it again. And again. You get the picture. She tried it on me later on, and we discovered that I like it too. It's a whole new world out there...

I bought a blanck and pink basc the other day... it stood the test of "hubby" and didnt get ripped :P, should be good for another 1000 miles I think... but the stockings well they didnt ^_0