Spanking skirt

I've been stocking up on saucy outfits lately in preparation of a naughty week away next month. So far I've bought a nurse outfit, pvc maid costume and a delinquent school girl and I can't wait to suprise my other half!

I'm aiming for a different outfit for every night though so I need another 3 ideas if anyone could help me out. Just bought a pvc spank skirt for £12.99 (bargain) but not really sure what do wear with it - any ideas guys?

Well either go topless, wear a 1/4 or 1/2 cup bra, or maybe a corset or something.

yh a 1/4 cup bra wud b gud...unsure about corset if its PVC tho

Ooh having an Ann Summers party on Friday so I'll be able to get a 1/4 cup bra with my discount - thanks!

Agree about the bra.

What about a burlesque outfit - corset and tassels. Also you could go all vintage with WKD stuff and a 50s dress to wear it under. It's a bit more covered than the other ones so it may not be totally your thing, but it would be different in amongst the mix.

I think I would actually prefer to be a bit more covered up to start with - I had considered buying a fishnet type vest to wear on top with the 1/4 cup bra under. Could pull a few holes into it and top it off with some knee high boots and smoky make-up. Trashy I know, but I think my man would love it, plus it's a little different.

Hey it's whatever works best for you two! You could wear hold ups as well with a short skirt. I like the ones that have the bows, but that may be a wee bit cutesy for you. Sorry I have a thing about bows!

Oooh what about the whole princess leya from star wars thing?

If he's in to gaming, I suggest Lara Croft- I've already told the bloke thats this years halloween costume for me, so he's well excited! lol

Or maybe a nun, for comedy value.

School girl would get my vote, but you've already got that one covered.

The other top choice would have be porn star! I'm talking ultra tight shorts, push up bra, high heals, feather boa, whip hanging around your neck - that sort of thing!


Well I think the nun thing would go down quite well, would be a bit of a laugh plus I went to a school run by nuns and kind of turns him on the fact that I'm naughty but was schooled by nuns lol!

I have those holdups with the bows on but haven't worn them yet cos they're so pretty I don't want to spoil them - would actually go nice with my school girl outfit.

BBG - love your idea but I'd have to lose a few lbs before trying the ultra tight shorts lol

You guys have some great ideas - guess I lack imagination!

Fur coat and nae knickers.

Isnt that a book?

It's a popular look near where I come from.

I'm gonna say, a devil tail and ears, for fun! You can be his sex demon, mwuhahah! And wear a pvc bra with it to match =D