Spartacus Nipple Clamps

We just got these and after one try I'm really disappointed.

They're pretty enough but far too fine and fiddly for my hooves. Getting them over the nipple is easy enough but tightening them at that point just led to me poking her in the boobs. :(

Does anyone have any advice as to where I'm going wrong? Or even any alternative suggestions? LH have stopped stocking the Joy Toy Bitchy Butterflies but that was the kind of thing I was looking for - easy to manipulate and control but without the 'dungeon' look as we're not really into that of thing.

Thanks. :)

Which ones precisely do you have, Spartacus do a few different ones

Ah, okay:

The Tweezer Adjustable Nipple Clamps.

I don't want to immediately write them off or rattle off a bad review in case I'm missing something laughably obvious.

Wow i expected them to be easy, considered them but ended going for something with a chain, I don't think there's a technique just practise makes perfect, pull the ring all the way down, hold in position and push the ring up

Thanks, ladies. I'll keep trying. Maybe get the missus to try and adjust them. Which might be fun actually.

Young - what did you go for in the end?

I have the same clamps and i love them. First time it was a bit fiddly to put them on but as others said - practise makes perfect.
I put them on, hold with one hand in place on nipple and with other hand slide the ring up tighter. Just try doing it slowly, dont rush.

Thanks, Dota. I think maybe I need to put them while I have neither hand supporting my weight, so to speak. I'm glad to hear these things get easier with practice. :)

i have these, you screw them to tighten, bit fiddley but good control and love the chain

Dotas right, if you hold the clamps against the nipple while tightening it'll stay put easily

Everything gets easier with practise, first times with toys aren't always perfect

Heh heh. I'm a typical impatient male. :p

Have you watched the product video? x

Have you watched the product video? x



Missed it completely. I don't know that I've ever noticed them on product pages.

It does make them look much more managable. I'll show it to the missus tonight (hopefully)