Speed control


I'm thinking of buying a "Louisiana Lounger". I like the design of it, but compared to other sex machines the biggest drawback is it only has one speed. In fact I have seen videos of the product in use and the thrusting speed is really quite fast to go to from zero.

The product is sold on LH and some reviewers complained about the single speed without offering any solution. However one reviewer on a competing site (where the product is also sold) said

"due to it having only one speed it can be quite difficult to use at first. It's either all or nothing, i got a speed controller from maplins and now we can slow down and speed up as we please"

Is anyone aware of what this might be referring to? Has anyone managed to find such a "speed controller" that works with sex toys? (A brief browse of maplin's website turned up nothing.) Is it just the case that if you lower the voltage then it lowers the speed? Are there any dangers involved?

I've considered buying other more expensive machines instead....the drawback for me is not the price but just the fact that I really like the design of this one! There are some other similar-looking machines out there but they all also have the one-speed limitation.