Speediest Reviewers - I need you!

Hey All,

I am looking for some super speedy reviewers to review this Seven 'til Midnight Black Eyelash Lace Underwired Basque Set. There is a super short deadline of 1 week for this one:

If this looks like something you would like to review then comment down below which size you would like to review it in!

Status: :lh_heart_purple: : Regular
Deadline: :heart: One Week

Some points to remember:

  • Make sure you have live reviews - You will not be picked otherwise.
  • Make sure your address is up to date - We can only send to what you have listed in your account.
  • Ensure you can review the item in the time frame required - If you think it is not possible please do not put your name forward. Also please make sure you can test the item selected.
  • I need your measurements to be able to send lingerie - If I do not have this information I can no longer send you lingerie to test

For more detailed info check out the The Great Big Review and Testing Guide


Hey !

Love to review this size S / 10 :slight_smile:

Love this! After having a baby a month ago this would certainly be a treat!

Size 10/12 or , medium :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Very sexy, Size small 6 - 10 please, no problem with the deadline

thank you

Yes would love to try
Seven 'til Midnight Black Eyelash Lace Underwired Basque Set

Yes this is sooo pretty!! I would love to review this and deadline is no problem!

Size M UK 10-14

Hopefully would fit me lengthwise as I’m 5”11 but would love to try :slight_smile:

Happy to lend a speedy hand if there’s a size medium :slight_smile:

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna, I’d love to test this in a size Small :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Deadline no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We would be happy to try this in a small or size 6-8. The deadline wouldn’t be an issue :slight_smile:

Would be happy to give this a super speedy review - Size Medium.

Hi Brenna

I’d love to try this in size 14-18 please.

Seven 'til Midnight Black Eyelash Lace Underwired Basque Set

Thank You.

Ooooo size XL (18-20) please

Hey Brenna,

I’d love to try this for you, size large. the week is no issue


me, me, me,me ,me :raised_hand:

please Brenna, please Brenna, please Brenna , please

I’m super and I’m speedy (when the need arises)

size small - 6-10



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Hi Brenna,
We can certainly test and review this. Wife is a size 16 38DD, so Large will fit her perfectly.
Time frame is no problem.
Thank you.

Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna

We could test this. Time Frame no problem.

Size - 16/18 36D


Please count us in to test the XL size - 18-20


This would look devine on you @Melody1 :ok_hand:

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Would love to review this. Size - Small
Review deadline would be no problem
Thank you :crossed_fingers: :smiley:

Hi Brenna,
Happy to review :blush: