spice things up

hi i'm new on here

i have a gorgoeus girlfriend, but looking for advise on spicing things up sexually


Firstly welcome, you've come to the right place.

A little more info on what you've already tried and would like to try would be useful as, let's face it, there are a hugely diverse group of people to offer advice, and some of it may not apply xx

Hello and welcome :)

Welcome the LoveHoney

There is plenty on here to spice things up - you name thye have it x

Hello and welcome Hazza. It would help us advise you if you gave us more detail of what you're interested in. There's such a wide variety!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

The '3 for £10' and '2 for £20' is a good place to start x

thanks for your replies.

well i would like her to dress up a bit in the bedroom, but have no idea what to get her on here been looking through the site

shes never really dressed up before for me, and i would love to see her do that

she has a great figure

Well you have joined the right website, they have some great outfits and I agree with Terri the offers 2 for £20 are a great place to start and then get more adventurous

Definitely the 2 for £20 is a great place to look for sexy lingerie- which includes the body stockings and mini dresses

thanks i will check it out

shes a bit shy with this sort of thing so wont tell me what she would like.

so i need to try and find the right sort of things and go from their

Does she want to dress up? If she doesn't, she might not appreciate you getting her something so it's worth having a chat about it first. Maybe you could look at the site together so she can find something she'd be comfortable in. I know that I'm pretty picky when it comes to underwear.

Maybe start with the dress type things first as opposed to jumping straight in with the stockings/bodystocking/basque outfits.

Good luck x

thats a good idea,

then we can choose something together, she loves fancy dress and always wants to do that, so maybe just doing something a bit more sexy with that

i brought her some nice underwear on here and she loved that

just dont want to get the wrong thing

I bet you'll find if you go through the site together she won't be able to resist ALOT of the stuff.

Once you've made that first order together they'll be no stopping you.

Have fun xx

thank you for your advice all well received, i will let you know how i get on.

hoepfully will go well.

Also how about some of the playing cards it's a easy place to start none intimidating to get out fun way to introduce new acts maybe?? And in expensive to start with and your be able to find out more about her like as she responses to task and acts.

thats a good idea, will look at them, sure i can presuade her she knows i have a high sex drive and love to keep it interesting

I think you've had great advice already, so all's left to say is welcome to the forums, enjoy 💜xx