Spice up your (lingerie) Life!

Hello, Lingerie Lovers! 

We often see threads pop up asking about what to buy someone in regards to a sexy lingerie piece. However, not often do we hear about how that quest went and ended. So here at LH HQ we wanna know...

Have you purchased lingerie from Lovehoney to gift someone special? If so, did it spice things up for you?


Have you purchased something special to show your significant other? Did it help heat things up?


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Yes to both, we’re lingerie lovers!

I ordered my partner some of the LHM stuff as a surprise and they went down very well! He loved them. It definitely spiced things up as he had this surge of confidence and eagerness to initiate when he felt better about himself.

Same for me. I often buy things for myself and he loves it. I buy lots of styles so he never knows what to expect and I think that’s a big turn on for him. It keeps things interesting for sure.

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Actually lingerie isn't something i have purchased as yet... getting to excited about our new found love of toys. Which have really spiced up our sex life and we have no regrets whats so ever.

We have tested a couple of pieces of lingerie lingerie and they have worked out really well so i will be buying some soon i think.

Ordered a couple of new toys for her last night which she doesn't know about so hopefully they go down well.

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Oh yes brought several items and I’ll be getting more. Makes me feel soooo sexy and confident. A new concept for me.


I've not bought lingerie for anyone else but I have for me. And I've been bought it too.

For me I love matching bra sets the most as I find being a curvy girl they suit my figure the best.
Definitely spices up our sex life.

I'm yet to buy hubby undies but he does give mine a go at times

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It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of lingerie. Not only do I buy it to give my partner a little something extra to look at, I buy it for a huge confidence boost. Nothing says sexy quite like confidence! Looking good is all about feeling good. Lingerie gives anybody the chance to feel sexy and when you feel sexy you’re guaranteed a great night! I like to buy it for myself too I want to feel great all the time and will always have some sort of lingerie underneath my clothes. I guess you could say I have an obsession!


We love lingerie and the items We've purchased and my hubby has purchased for me from Lovehoney has definitely got things going the bedroom. Our favs are my baby doll with crotchless knickers and the bodystocking xx

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I haven't bought for anyone else, but I do buy for myself. I love treatibng myself and often I like to wear something a bit naughty under my plain everyday clothes as it makes me feel more confident. And it's always a bit of spice things up when having sex or indulging in a bit of solo play.

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Absolutely , we love the crotchless range something I never thought I'd like to wear but they are so comfortable and great for easy access and certainly spiced up our sex life.

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Before joining love honey I always shied away from lingerie, but i saw a few things that intrigued me got them and now 2 years later iv built quite the collection of lovehoney lingerie 😂
I have to say my favorite is the crotchless range its a sexy little secret that speeds things up when you’re having fun, now i find if im trying to spice things up abit i go to my closet and pull out one of my favs :)

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I purchase lingerie regularly from lovehoney for my wife, she now has three wardrobe drawers full of the 'stuff', from bodystockings to corsets, from babydoll to raunchy pvc outfits! The wife loves the plain packages arriving, she always comments on how sexy it makes her feel once they're on and being viewed!!!


I have purchased lingerie before, flirty knickers, thongs and boyshorts that I wear for everyday. (Not so spicey). I purchased a stunning corset which definately spiced things up, I love but is now too big. 😥 I have tried a couple of other items of lingerie, but most don't acomodate my 36G bust, so I just can't get many items to fit, which is really sad. Lingerie gives me confidence to be dominant and more adventurous.

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I buy lingerie first for myself as it makes me feel sexy, which has a great benefit to the partner as well. There are certain pieces, especially the role play outfits that I buy with a partner in mind.

The best purchase / reaction to date was the playboy bunny set. But the partner is typically thrilled with any / all lingerie I have purchased here as it is an instant signal for a special night.

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Yes to both, we have bought together and i have suprised. Both times they were almost instantly put on and enjoyed. I guess Lingerie just has that power over us both.

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My oh has bought me lingerie-which I love even when it's something I wouldn't chose for my self. When I order for my self I have different considerations. Being bought for and buy myself definitely has spiced things up. Lingerie gives a huge sense of confidence, and can set the mood, I tend to feel more powerful in a body stocking than a teddy and that reflects in our actions/reactions.

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I buy lots of Lovehoney lingerie, it always makes me feel sexy and special, I love the quality. And it never fails to cause a stir, especially the basques and corsets, they're always extremely sexy when worn under a pair of jeans as a surprise.

I have had something bought for me as a surprise and honestly it was so beautiful and made me feel amazing and there’s just something so incredibly seductive about wearing lingerie for the person that’s bought it for you! Like showing off the item, showing off yourself, and then showing your appreciation 😏

Usually it’s me that does the buying, mostly for me to wear as a surprise for him, and yeah it spices things up. When I’m feeling like crap and this beautiful lingerie rocks up and I put it on for him and I can see in his eyes how good I look to him, and how much he wants me, as then all the things he wants to do with me 😂 it’s a huuuuge ego booster. Burning desire leads to passion and I love that.

There’s been a couple of time I’ve bought him some
LHM boxers and I know he isn’t the biggest fan of wearing them, I think partly because it’s not something he’d done before. I don’t think he realises how much I love seeing him in them, especially the mesh ones where I get a tantalising tease of his goods 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Massive turn on

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I am a lingerie fanatic. Thank you for my addiction Lovehoney 😂

Lingerie always helps spice things up. My confidence is low thanks to stomach scars and mummy tummy (plus my belly button is half stitched shut 😱) as well as a small bust for a plus size gal. Wearing lingerie empowers me. Even if it's under some minging trackies and t-shirt when I'm not feeling my best it gives me that wee boost.

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I buy a lot of lingerie for the Mrs. I'll be honest the sizing of LH stuff is more of a pain than anywhere else. I got the moonlight babydoll at Christmas and it was a little awkward.

1. Babydolls with cups are often sized like bras but these are in dress sizes. My wife is a small 14 (as in usually 14, sometimes 12) but is big in the boob department. The sizing is M:10-12 L:14-16.Which to go for?

2. 14-16 makes the most sense. A bit too big is better than too tight, but I have to hand over the undies in size 'Large'. Merry Christmas.

3. Come the main event... My "bigger is better" safety plan shot down in flames as the thong barely comes halfway past her bum and the babydoll is more like a size 12. Not exactly "spicing things up".

Fortunately after some post Christmas running she wore it again and almost fits but it's still a squeeze. It's a shame as the thing itself is lovely and well made.

I really like a lot of the LH range but I just won't be buying any more of it when it's easier to get something that fits elsewhere. Genuinely baffled about how you can size bras in S,M and L?

I love Lovehoney lingerie, and I buy quite a lot - lol. It makes me feel so confident, and Mr Scorpius loves being suprised by all the different styles that I choose. It definitely adds a lots of spice! ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)