Spicing things up???

New member looking for advice on best products to spice up mine and husband's relationship?

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here. There is lots of advise on here depending on what you are into.

Hello, and wlecome to the forum. What type of things are you interested in? xx

Hi, welcome to the forum :-)

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Some people are into swinging, others into outdoor sex....depends what you are both willing to try i suppose...

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome.


As others noted, we need more detail. What do you like? Do you have an idea what he likes? And have you had this conversation with him?

Hi and welcome

Hi and welcome :)

I see you "Love toys and role play with a little bondage." Are you both using toy? I know male's can sometimes be missing out! Also how about upping the bondage?