Spicing up sex life

Hi all this is my first post/thread here.
Sex with the misses for over a year has been plummeting greatly I have only managed to cum in her a couple of times. All the time we have sex she comes roughly round 15mins and is so wet even if she dries off I try to finish off but I can't, I don't have a problem masturbating and can cum this is why I have bought some crotchless panties for her or I should also say to help me.

Not sure i understand. Is she too wet for you to cum inside, or the fact she takes too long to cum?

I guess its 99% in your head now. Mix it up a bit, cum somewhere else, take the pressure off. Not sure i can see how the panties solution works. I think that it also depends on her cycle when she is the wettest i thought day 16 from memory. It is her body paying you a complement though mate.

stay away from wanking and porn for a couple of days. Bet that will work

My first thought was possible death grip syndrome? If your body is used to a certain kind of stimulation it can be quite difficult to orgasm through anything else. That could explain why masturbation is fine and sex is a struggle.

Yeah you're right she's too wet after she climaxes ohh and she's very sensitive down there after she's orgasmed.

I can get quite wet after orgasm and really sensitive so finishing off my husband becomes quite difficult for me.
It also takes me a while to get going, so we usually start with getting me going first. I can also pleasure him at the same time and if he is close and im not he will ask me to stop to calm him down. ( turning him om turns me on even quicker) once i know im on the right track he will decide on what position he wants. Once I climb aboard and I still have clit stimulation it doesnt take either of us that long to finish.
Due to the previous stimulation on him, he is usually quick off the mark so we can finish together.

I dont like it if im too wet as he just slides out, so if I finish before him, he is happy with a hand job, However if he does finish before I do, he is more than happy to assist finishing me off x

Bought some sexy crotchless panties it got me bigger/harder and we lasted loads she didn't orgasm as quick but even still I never finished inside her I had to masturbate and finished off all on her, getting really frustrated.