spit or swallow?

be honest! x

swallow every time, dont waste it, also it gives him so much pleasure as well

I like to swallow (admit i don't always manage it) but i do enjoy it, love seeing how much it turns him on :)

swallow :)

Mrs S always swallows :p

Swallow, its rude to spit! ;)

Shot a load of my cum in my new partners mouth for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She was gagging and ran to the toilet to spit it out. We made a joke about it and I was laughing out loud. She did warn me previously that she didn't swallow (she's very fussy about her food!)

With the ex it was spit, with oh 99.9% of the time swallow unless it's been there a while and I will do a very delicate looking dribble back down his cock and leave him to clear up the mess


the oh always swallows very sexy

Been a while, like it when it spurts. But always swallows ;)

I am surprised no one has said "Gargle" yet! teehee (No I dont gargle!)

Miss Naughty I am with you, its rude to spit hehehe. There is a lot of pleasure to be had by swallowing your partners cum.....mmmmmmmmmm

swallow everytime its not ladylike to spit ;-) xx

Only done it once, was sort of half swallow, half dribble.

Swallow - because I really hate mess, lol...

thats the way! ;-) x

menyanthe wrote:

Swallow - because I really hate mess, lol...

It's rude to spit, unless I'm sharing. ;)

I would rather do neither but if it ends up in the mouth then you might as well swallow. Its the taste I can't stand. I used to treat him occassionally though even though I hate it and still would if we could do stuff like that now :(

I like to see it coming out but know he loves me to swallow it