I’m 23 years old and I have NEVER tried to squirt. I really want to do try it. But I have idea how to. I have tried to look in YouTube and stuff where they show you how to. But that doesn’t work for me. I have a hard time to even get a clit orgasm and maybe I just can’t? How do you guys do it? I have tried with 2 fingers and just “rub” the area but maybe I don’t do it the right way or right spot? Is there a sex toy that does the job? Because I have tried a few too. How is it supposed to feel when I hit the right spot? Heeelp!

Re squirting - it took me til my mid twenties to unlock this ability and it is all about NOT trying to do this! You have to fully relax into the feel and not fight it when you do reach this point and there isn't a "supposed" feel to really say. It isn't something that happens super quick, it's a good build up!! I get a rush followed by a tightness. Some people struggle with orgasms and squirting because with both, some have the tendency to freeze up and try and control your body because it isn't always the most natural feeling at first. Especially as squirting is more of an outrush than an intense clenching of your walls. I remember the first time I squirted and I felt surprised and a little unsure about whether that was a normal thing - obviously learnt otherwise!

I can squirt from clitoral stimulation, vaginal and anal penetration and each one is a different intensity. Only 3 people have ever got me to that point and one of them is me! My most intense is from more than one part of me being stimulated. (i.e. clit and anal, or clit and g spot)

For both orgasms and squirting - spend time really getting to know what feels on which part of your clit and internally (also put a towel down just in case as you don't want to get close and panic). Lubes are good for your clit especially, with toys different sensations have different results. You can get a range of nice sucking and vibrating toys for clitoral stimulation, don't rub too hard, you want to tease yourself in different directions and levels of intensity you touch with.

There are a number of toys that had the depth and girth to relax you enough and something that strokes your g spot whilst you play with your clit is a very good and simple way.

It is important to note that some people do find it difficult or near impossible to orgasm from clit only or penetration but the most important thing is to just really explore your own body to better understand it! Do not force yourself into it or you can put it off completely. Just spend an evening on your own body and the rest will come. ;)

I'd recommend picking up some bits like: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=36309

Also, if anything takes your eye that has a remote or handsfree that means you can be a bit more handy rather than focusing on the vibrator buttons it can allow you to focus more on upping the feeling!

MissTerror; Thanks! I just feel a little less of a woman because I can’t do it. I didn’t know it was possible to squirt with clit stimulation. So it is all about the slow movements and not being hard to the clit? And G spot; is it the same? Some tender momvements?

Definitely don't feel less of a woman at all! It's just how some peoples bodies react differently to things and you learn what works for you - then you can also share that with a partner and that is just incredible!

It's all about the intensity your body suddenly goes through with stimulation! I never knew you could through anal so that was also a surprise for me.

You'll find the closer you get the more you might want to put pressure on it, but if you start too hard straight away you can lose the sensual feeling that builds up to it. Again everyone is different, but if you're having difficulty from doing that then switch it up. You want to change the feeling every now and then til you find the one that really gets you going.

Again with your g spot, you don't want to be too harsh with it at first. If you can, turn your hand palm upwards, and use two fingers curled upwards and inwards inside you to stroke and tickle it gently and you'll soon find the point at which you build up. Then you can really play with penetration more whilst you have a vibe on you or vice versa (dildo inside, vibrating or not and playing with yourself).

The first time I did it, I was playing with a nicely shaped vibrating dildo (similar to this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29612) and playing with my clit. You can leave the toy in and on vibe then focus your hands on your clit, but you can also build up with both sensations.

I actually bought this last week https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22189 I've never been the biggest fan or convinced by most rabbits, but this is really good because the of the rotating shaft and vibration functions. You can have only one at a time or have both and there are a number of levels of vibe on there. Plus it's tenner off currently!

My edit function wasn't working even during the 5 minutes - doh! Just two notes I wanted to add:

Just do not put pressure on yourself because that could be a part of the problem you are experiencing. Don't get worked up, don't get frustrated, just lay back and enjoy your own body without any pressure.

Hard works for some people, but it sounds like you might be going too harsh straight away and your body isn't keen, you can go hard but start soft and teasing.

A lot of people on here seem to have had success with the beaded glass dildo coupled with a good clit toy. I think the weight and curve of the glass help to add the right pressure to the right places.


The two Desire steel dildos have also been recommended before, but you might want to try glass first before moving up to metal.



Hope this helps 🙂

Its not something that will happen overnight, It took my boyfriend almost a full 3 years of fingering me before it happened, I used to get the build up feeling but just couldnt seem to let it go however hard I TRIED. That was the biggest problem I WAS TRYING to squirt, then eventually one day I was just enjoying it, laying back and relaxing and bam it happened, now I can do it a lot easier, Until this happened I couldnt even do it to myself - my fella felt like a right pro when he realised he could make me do something that I couldnt even do myself. Now after a lot of practice its gotten easier to get myself to squirt, the best toy I found was the LH glass Sensual G-spot dildo, make sure you are very turned on first and have a clit orgasm before you start and then I just use the glass dildo very fast to put lots of pressure, it will feel like you are about to pee (you might - I have, so put a towel down lol) keep going vigorously and rather than clenching in to stop yourself peeing just relax and let go, you will get there in the end, and even if you dont you will have fun trying

I can only squirt with my lelo sona cruise. No gspot stimulation needed for me. Just that.

You definitely should never feel less of a woman because you haven't squirted. This is a subject that has come up many a time on this forum and your sex life is no less successful or gratifying because you haven't squirted. Take some of the pressure off and just enjoy yourself!