Squirting help

Can anyone help me? I've squirted a couple of times before but its always been at random- last time I felt pressure and so pushed to see a jet shoot out then nothing more. My bf and I are long distance and regularly cam, he loves watching me masturbate and will often give it his all to see me squirt but I haven't been able to yet. No amount of cumming or pushing is working.

Does anyone have any tips?

Here's a past thread with tons of useful advice https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-tips-and-talk/1350-squirting/ :)

Thank you :D

This won't help if your not actually with your boyfriend and trying to squirt but my ex always squirted when she was on top so maybe a different angle and dildo technique might work?

Can anybody squirt and its just about technique, or just some people can do it ? allways was wondering as im trying to do it with my GF but no luck so far.

I am a squirter, I haven't always been! My OH knows my body and how to touch, tease, pleasure me. For me the first time I squirted the sensation was "different" to orgasm so I was a little unsure, I now relax and place myself literally at his mercy. Rather than having squirting as your goal I would suggest your goal is her pleasure. Listen, watch what she reacts to, start slowly and spend time around her clit and vagina, don't underestimate how sensitive this area can be! Incorporate her Nipples, use your tongue and fingers, I know this all sounds like basic advice but at the end of the day learning how her body responds to you and what you do is really the key. In saying this not all women squirt or are aware they can. Talking to her about it would be a good move also, I watch alot of porn (my OH doesn't), I watch to see what things turn me on, to give me ideas for my OH to try on me or vice versa, we are very open and we have our hard limits but everything else we will try, if we like it we explore more if not we at least can say we gave it a go!

At the end of the day you could have all the advice in the world but the experiences between you and your gf are exclusive to you both and my advice is that if you want to make her squirt then build trust and get to know her body and hopefully the rest will cum naturally 😉