She will learn to like it at her own pace im sure, just comfort her and talk about it, it maybe something that just gives her the IKk, talking always solves a situation, just don’t make a big deal of it xx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::blush:


The first time I squirted with the man who became my ex husband, he thought I peed on him. That was 22 years ago and it is only the last few months that I am able to relax enough to let go.
Embarrassment can stay with you for a long time.
Buy a waterproof sheet and put it under your normal sheet so its not blatent and adding pressure for her but its there to give her the confidence to really enjoy herself.
Whether it happens again or not, the goal is pleasure not performance.


The answer to “is it common to ____?” is almost always going to be yes, or at least not uncommon.

My wife has squirted once that I know of; she felt a bit self-conscious about it as we were on top of the bed covers so there was a lot more laundry to do after… I thought it was very hot (and I felt pretty good about it, as she’d been bound and I was edging her with multiple toys and my tongue for a long stretch).

We’ve never made an intentional effort to recreate it as putting that kind of pressure on is almost certainly as recipe for failure. But if you wanted to try and squirt again, I think the key would be to set yourself up as comfortable send know pressure to replicate what happened prior. Maybe continue experimenting solo before trying to put on a show? There’s a lot of threads here with many different suggestions/ideas/experiences of what many folks have found to squirt themselves.


It happened for me a few months ago for the first time. And recently it seems to be happening more frequently. Whether my body is learning what to do or I’m relaxing into it, I have no idea. But we are both enjoying it.


I only squirt using certain toys mainly my glass dildo or during rough sex where I’m restrained, my boyfriend loves it when I do


Ive not made my wife squirt since we were younger. I think its pretty sexy if it happens.

I would say I am pretty much the same @Kinkycouple85 glass dildo really hits the spot and when tied down or played with by hubby with his fingers in certain spot :star_struck:


Thank you for that. Have done tying up and blindfold before but was for penetration only, will try again for the wand n take things slow n simple like you said. Thanks again

Same as @Daisy1982 and @Kinkycouple85 glass dildo always makes me squirt and also rough sex

I’ve made every girlfriend I’ve had squirt. They keys are patience, foreplay and feeling with your fingers.

Basically you first go down on them gently. You need to tease the pussy so the clit gets hard.

Then you slide your fingers in. Two fingers pointing towards the belly button. Feel for the rough patch. Once you feel the rough patch rub it up and down.

Then you rub it up and down and in a come here motion with your fingers.

Your girl will squirt guaranteed.

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If only it was as easy as that. Tried exactly that many times but nothing. I think it is a case of being in the right mood though.

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My wife has to be completely relaxed no kids about and be in the mood we use a wand and the finger technique @bluekid_l uses as she cums from wand clit stimulate till she can take no more i up the pace and go faster and within seconds :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

But like I said has to be right setting and mood and relaxed or it doesn’t happen

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Or, if your partner is her own unique individual and doesn’t like direct g-spot stimulation, she’ll smack you on the head and say “knock that off if you want to keep eating me out” and so you’ll pull your fingers out and be satisfied giving her what she asks for.