Sqweel go or Sqweel 2?

I saw this toy years ago, but never got it and saw it again on LH in the last week.

Both of these toys are the same price, but is there a major difference between the two power wise?

the go is USB rechargeable and the 2 is battery operated. Never had a USB rechargeable toy so don't know the difference!

thanks! ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Having bought the Sqweel 2 we returned it as we found it awkward to use due to the size and where the buttons were.

We then bought the Sqweel go when it was on deal of the day and it's a lot easier to use and hold.

Power wise the Sqweel go is powerful, we found that the Sqweel go was only powerful when you have good batteries in it at full power.

I didn't notice any difference between the two powerwise that I can remember, it's been a long time since I used either of them.

The sqweel go is a lot smaller than the other, less bulky and easier to hold. It also comes free with a small storage case atm!

Also as far as I remember the sqweel 2 is battery operated, so I'd deffo go for the Go version.

I have the sqweel go and find it great power wise and it seems to last for ages on one charge. Love the fact that it's waterproof too !

I have the sqweel go it's much smaller than the 2 i wouldn't say it's a poweful toy when i compare it to my other vibrators i don't think it needs massive power when you have a wheel of tounges flicking over your clit i have no poblem getting an 'O' from mine. seeing how big the 2 is i know it'll be too big and awkward to use for my small hands to manage the Go is the perfect size and simple to use

I have the Go and I am quite glad I bought this Sqweel; it is rechargeable, waterproof, petite and lightweight. Another vote for the Go.

I have the sqweel go, I think it's better then the sqweel because it's waterproof, recharable, and more compacted. Oh and it has patters where as I don't think the sqweel does.

We had the Sqweel original but after having two both faulty, I'd defo recommend opting for soemthing else. Even the one that worked was not very powerful as soon as it came into contct with the body. Unfortunately simiar products are lacking, not a huge fan of the Ora either. All in all ok for novelty use and then found its way to the back of the cupboard pretty quicky!

Cuddlekins wrote:
Power wise the Sqweel go is powerful, we found that the Sqweel go was only powerful when you have good batteries in it at full power.

I meant the Sqweel 2 not the go when I said about the batteries.

Decided to get the sqweel go and definitely no regrets! Where you put the charger in is a bit funny though

This probably doesn't help as I have neither but I have looked at them and it's certainly going on my wish List! I am more swaying towards the squeel go mainly down to it being usb rechargeable and I hate buying batteries! Also they are the same price I believe and you get a free case with the go!

...... Hmmmmmmm I think I might have just talked myself in to getting the go!

We have both and I have to go against the grain and say the sqweel 2. Sure the go is smaller, lighter, easier to use and waterproof. It doesn't however have a reverse which is the best feature of it Imo.