Starting a role play?

Both me and my OH want to try some role play and I have an outfit together etc. My thing is, how do you introduce it? Suddenly be all dressed up when he gets back from work? Suggest it and then we both go get dressed seperately? And with the scenario I struggle to improvise so should I make a rough script and memorise it? Any help greatly appreciated xoxo

I think you need to be a judge of how well your partner can get into action, if you want to surprise him then maybe text “roleplay session when you get home tonight x” and be dressed and ready when he comes home.

Usually if you get yourself into character then he will follow suit, if you really want to go into roles with a script and things then communication is key, make up names and the scenario and play it out. If your not 100% sure about making things up out of thin air then maybe think of a few sentences and an introduction. For instance if your doing a secretary role, say something like “good afternoon sir, i have filed all the paperwork and wondered if you have anything more for me to do?” Hopefully he will follow suit and become the “boss”.

it really depends on what scenario you will be playing and hopefully you can get into roles without too much hassle. Try and not take it too seriously as that’s when things can become more stressful than fun, just play around and have a bit of a joke as that cracks the ice.