Starting the ball rolling with an introduction.

I am looking to interact with like minded individuals. I am open to any suggestions of things that people find a turn on. I have a very open mind to new things.
Come say Hi and have a chat.

Hello and welcome aboard!

thank you. Hopefully I can get the thrills Im looking for ;-)
Are their any toys you would recommend?

Hi,welcome to the forum.

Do you own any toys already ?

Hi and welcome xx

Hey and welcome aboard! ☠️

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

I have lots of recommendations but it depends on the sort of thing you're interested in, what you've tried before and what your limits are. It's hard to suggest things if we have no idea what types of toys you would like to try :)

ok well I think it is fair to say I have few limits. like I say I have a very open mind. I am willing to give anything a try. We own a mini magic wand and it feels amazing sitting on my perinium (hope thats spelt right) and at the head of the penis.
I am not adverse to masturbation either but maybe need a little something extra to keep things interesting.

I hope thats not too much info. Im trying to be careful what I type.

welcome to the forum, reading some of the toy reviews is always a good way to discover new things too.

Hi and welcome 😀

No that's not too much info. As long as you're not unnecessarily graphic you should be fine :)

For masturbation, I would recommend starting out with something non-intimidating and simple like a Tenga egg. These are textured masturbation sleeves that you place over the head of the penis and stroke up and down as you would when masturbating. The texture stimulates the head and shaft and provides something a little extra without throwing you in at the deep end.

My partner loves them and the lovers one I've linked below is one of his favourite textures although there are a bunch of options to choose from.

Hi and welcome :)

Hi welcome.

Hi and welcome

Hello and welcome x

Hello and welcome :)

I haven't used proper wand myself (only tried the little ones) but if you like them have you tried vibrating cock rings too as a female I love them and partners I've been with those guys have loved them too.

There's lots of couples toys here on LH and beginners kits in different things.

Good luck in ur search. New things is always fun. Sensory play can be very fun: vibrations, blindfolds, wax play, ice play, massages, etc . :)

Well hello there!

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome to the forums xx