Starting the pill again when is the best time to start taking them?

Ive recently had the pill of the doctor same time as my anti biotics. I took the last dose of anti biotics last night. but im due on soon as well. so will it be better to start taking them after my period? thanks x

MOST (but not all, please read the leaflet with the box!) pills should be taken on Day 1 of your cycle, which is Day 1 of your period. But like I say, read the leaflet in the box! It should tell you. If not, give your GP a quick call -- he/she should have explained to you when to start taking them before prescribing them.

You can start taking it whenever you want.

Most people start the pill on the first day of their period as this offers instant protection, however as you've been on antibiotics you'll need to use condoms for an extra 7 days after the last antibiotic you took anyway. So start the pill whenever is convient for you and use condoms for a week after you start for extra precaution.

I know that once I've finished taking my pill I get my period two days later so I arranged to take my pill so that it made my period come on Mondays :) x

yeah i know i gotta wait 7 days for the anti biotics to go. so i was thinking that maybe its a waste of 1 weeks worth of pills x

It's not a waste, they're free don't worry about it! And unless you start it on the first day of your period you'd have to use condoms anyway! x

so ill start on the first day of my period which i think will be either on thursday or the weekend. the 7 days will cover both the pill and the anti biotics and i should be ok then? x