Still not sure

Being serious,for me at first I did'nt mind doing in the slightest but I could'nt help thinking was this a bi-sexual type fantasy, that's what "worried" me. Thanks in no small part to the reponse on this forum and through reading other threads I(we) have become more enlightened on the subject, I had no idea about a male "G Spot", now I really enjoy doing this,my hubby is showing no signs whatsoever of the novelty wearing off and last Saturday I took him with our new slimline mini vibrator " The Oceania" only cost a quid from Lovehoney but god did it do the business,honestly he's cumming loads which he has'nt shot for years's lovely to watch!
Now after begging grovelling and going off in a stroppy hump how can you get your lady to do the business for you ? I can only suggest talking...because possibly she too might think that it's some bi-sexual fantasy type thing which is not the case, physically she can't have any problems with it, it must be purely a mental thing. some of us find some things easy to do and some are a forced effort....I feel uncomfortable with "advanced" oral for instance...But once she see's you screaming with pleasure and cumming like a fountain ( assuming this will do that for you ) then I'm sure she will get great satisfaction from f**king you as well.....Good luck !