Stockings advice: plus size and petite.

Hey this is my first time posting. Was wondering if anyone else was in my situation. I'm shy of 5 foot, but have really chunky legs so stick to the plus size stocking range.

The problem is my stockings literally come to the top of my legs, right under my bum. It leaves the suspender straps baggy at the front, and barely any leg/stocking action going on. And certainly doesn't allow for any teasing sneak peaks.

Anyone know of any stocking with come up shorter but are available in larger sizes?

Many thanks


It might be worth asking Lovehoney's lingerie expert on this thread :)

Thanks very much. I'll give it a go.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I am short too so I encounter the same problems with base size stockings. Annoying!

Hi Jess

My wife Jules is only 5ft 3" so she's quite petite but a curvy size 16 and we've had problems in the past getting stockings that look good. We've recently been buying Fiore branded stockings in size 3 (Medium) and that seems to work really well with most of her outfits and suspenders. You can see a picture of her wearing them in our profile to give you some ideas. Being petite can be a challenge, especially as she's married to me at 6ft. That's why she always wears heels when we play ;)


Not sure if you've already found a resolution, but I'm quite short too (5.3ft) and heavier bottomed. But I found these little beauties and they are so flattering.

Youll find something I'm sure.