Stockings if you could just have one from LH what one

Would you get?

Im trying out all sorts of lingerie and at the moment im really into tights and stockings its a Scent thing aswell as a looking thing but i wont bore you about my scent fetish.

I have some fishnet stockings soso nice but also i love to see colourfull lingerie and i think this could be my next buy i really love the look of this one:

I think I'd go left no right no left no. ..
Oh I can't decide

On the topic of colourful, I find these ones very appealing (the blue specifically):

I'm also so so in love with these ones atm:

But out of stockings I own, it would have to be this pair:

They fit like a dream, they are super comfy and are sooo good quality wise; super soft and sheer with soft soft lace yet durable enough not to tear. AND they actually hold up, it is not a lie! I just love them. Not to mention of all my stockings these ones make me feel the most feminine and pretty and I certainly got a bigger reaction from my partner than my regular old black ones! If you ever want a white pair I can highly recomend these :)

I'm really not much of a stockings fan, but these stay on my mind quite a lot lately: