Storage cases

Has anyone purchased the Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case Large and found that it has a distinct smell to it, if so does it dissipate after a little while? I couldn’t see anything in the reviews mentioning it when I ordered it (but I didn’t go through them all)

Whillst on the subject has anyone the Happy Rabbit HAPPY Large Silicone Zip Storage Case and could tell me if it opens completely out or not its hard to tell from the pictures!

We have the same Lovehoney case, had it for about a year, cannot say that we have noticed a smell, which suggests that it does dissappear.

We also keep toy cleaning wipes in ours which might also help to remove the smell or at least mask it with a more pleasant one.

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We’ve got the medium one. The zips open up to about here:

And it doesn’t butterfly out completely flat when unzipped. The bottom keeps a pouch shape to it. Not sure if the Large is the same, but the zip runners look similarly placed in the second product photo. :+1:

I bought a few of the large Lovehoney Lockable storage cases quite awhile back, but didn’t notice a smell. I did get a whiffy storage pouch with one of the Desire toys (very factory smell to it), but fortunately that aired out after a couple of days.

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I have the Lovehoney case, one large and a couple of medium ones. None of them had any noticeable smell when it arrived.

How long have you had yours for?
You can always contact CC and ask. When I’ve contacted them with questions about items, they’ve been happy to check the products they have in stock.

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The only case we’ve got is the one.that came with our wand so.afraid I can’t help with this one as they seem.different

I’ve got one of LH zip up pouches and can’t say it ever smelt sorry!