Storage ideas for stockings?

My stocking draw is getting a bit full and i have more on the way :-) so i was wondering if anyone has any clever storage ideas for them they are currently just laid in my draw.

Thanks fizzy

I tend to either keep the plastic bags they come in or use sandwich bags to store mine in :) xx

If you have the room, you could get one of these things -

I have one, it hangs up in my wardrobe and I just clip all my stockings and frequently worn nice lingerie to it! Failing that, maybe get some little bags to keep them in? You could probably get some on ebay or even use little ziplock baggies.

I may try that i'm not a very tidy or organised person but my draws getting a bit ridiculous.

I like using these Lovehoney bags to keep bits like that organized.

I keep mine in make-up bags that I get free with gift sets at Christmas. I can never throw then away and I always have so many of them, so I tent to keep tights, stockings and delicate items of lingerie inside them. I think it's been really good for me, I love how you can just zip up the bag and it protects them and keeps them fresh.

a couple of pretty boxes from luxury vibes.

never thought of storing my stockings and delicates properly. They end up all over my bedroom and never paired up, which is a pitty, because some can be used more than once and I end up with just one.

I like the idea of cosmetic bags. Just been looking at them in Primarni too. Ah well, its another excuse to go back ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

I had a box a gift set came in, quite posh for a gift box, I have that lined with the thin coloured wrapping paper (cannot remember the name!), the lid just slides on top so no squashing.

One of the tie racks that you hang up in a wardrobe? That's what I've been planning for a while, since my drawer is now overflowing... I also hang up all of my underwear just hooked over a trouserhanger (one with a clip either side so they don't slide off) which works really well.

something like this hanging inside a wardrobe?

We have a bag of stockings, generally the problem we found with that is you loose one of them. We also found rumaging around for 10 mins when trying to dress up all sexy is a slight mood killer.

The solution, get a pair and put them together, fold them in half and then knot them together (loosly). It's like having a pile of sock balls. Then you can pick a pair you like before deressing up without loosing one of them.

What about a mini vac pack?
If you're anything like my OH, she only ever wears the newest pair anyway, so having all the old ones in a vac pack isn't a problem!

I just gently tie mine in a loose knot. That way they stay paired together ok the drawer. I don't worry about storing mine safety because we tend to end up ripping them during sex easily anyway. We go through countless pairs of stockings in a month x

Sometimes you can find bargain priced zipper plastic pencil cases which do a similar job to cosmetic bags. I got some transparent ones for 50p each in my local supermarket (every little helps) and they are great for storing lubes, small toys etc.

I now keep lingerie together in those neat little net laundry bags.

I use resealable sandwich bags with a label stuck on the front giving me a vague clue ie s for stockings n for nude. Then perhaps o for opaque. You get the gist.

I've finally sorted my hoisery draw out. I ended up using the plastic tubs that my plums came in! my draw is lovely and tidy now! :)

Anyone got any tips for stopping fishnets getting all tangled?

I spent ages untangling a pair of my OH's the other day and I'd rather not have to do it again, it reminded me of a temp job I had in a warehouse untangling cables, not particularly sexy...

I am so glad i found this thread, tie hangers is a brilliant idea!