straight woman

I have been happily married to a wonderful man for over 15 years. But over the last couple of months we have been talking about 3some with ffm I woukd likebtontry this but i am afraid I might enjoy it so much that I woukd not want my OH anymore any thoughts on this woul be helpful

Loads of threads on here about 3somes, and some really good answers.

I would suggest you might have other underlying problems if you think anything you want to do could lead you to not wanting your partner anymore (I could of worded that so much better!) although I hope not.

Some times these are fantasies for a reason, you need to be in a really good place with your partner for a 3somes to work. Either way let us know what happens, we like drama :P

If it's something you both have been talking about and both want it then go for it. You use the words happily and wonderful to describe your marriage and man. If you feel this would change this then think about it seriously before you go ahead... or try a 4 sum with another couple in the same situation??

When you say those words about what might happen, is there an underlying issue, or perhaps your not straight and might be bi?