🏝 Stranded on a desert island - which toys would you have?

Hey All!

A little thought exercise for you!

You are stranded on a desert island and you find an old antique bottle of lube. You pump the top and a Genie pops out! As a thank you for freeing them, they offer you x2 sex toys (that if electronic will never run out of charge) of your choice, plus x1 non-sexy luxury item. The lube bottle is also never ending!

Which toys and luxury item would you pick?

I would pick the We-Vibe Melt and the Lovehoney Ultra Violet Wand - The Melt for pure pleasure and the Wand for pleasure and sore muscles after foraging all day. For my luxury item, I think I would pick a nice snuggly duvet, who say’s abandoned islands can’t be cozy!


Really easy decision… my amazing Mon ami stimulator and these lovely bitey clamps and for my non sexy item I’ll have a V shaped pillow so I can have a cuddle when I’m going to sleep :grinning:


We love the look of the:https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/g-spot-vibrators/p/womanizer-og-pleasure-air-g-spot-stimulator/a48030g85742.html even though we’ve not tried it yet but with the external and internal suction it would be our first selection, second would be: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/rabbit-vibrators/p/mantric-rechargeable-rabbit-ears-vibrator--/a42897g78158.html as it’s still our go to and allways gets to the point for us!
For the non sexy item I think it would have to be a well stocked picnic basket! I’m think champagne strawberry’s, cakes, chocolate spread, scones, sandwiches, grapes etc :heart_eyes:


For me it would be the Vive May Rabbit because it never fails to give me an orgasm.

My second would be Love Honey x Agent Provocateur Wand for quite a few reasons, one is its a great massager in general, two its great for orgasms and three, if i were to stumble across a stranded man its a toy we can use in couple play!

My luxury item would be my dog. :dog2:


Ooops, I’m swapping my pillow for my cats!

I would chose the Mon Ami wand and the womanizer duo 2 and my luxury item would be a good book. It’s been so long since I’ve read a book on a beach in complete peace :blush:


It would have to be a Fleshlight for me. Very important, not sure of a second item

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Lovehoney Health Rechargeable Silicone Body Massager and Tracey Cox Supersex Powerful Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator
Couldn’t live without these and also a Pillow :grin:

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Mantric wand is a definite.

Probably one of my glass or steel dildos, I’d probably have to eenie-meenie-mo which one!

My other luxury item would be my dogs!

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Love your choices @Lovehoney_Brenna!

1st choice is Lelo Hugo

Assuming I am stranded with a partner then the Doxy Die Cast for the power and potential secondary massage usage.

Otherwise probably a stroker, maybe this one?.

Luxury item would be 80m of good rope! Can be a hammock, lash together a raft, climb anything on the island and come in handy for a bit of shibari if the opportunity arises.

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For me my first choice would be my https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/sex-toys/vibrators/clitoral-vibrators/p/lovehoney-magic-touch-rechargeable-clitoral-finger-vibrator/a40887g74508.html
Second would be probably my LH basics 10” purple dildo.

Non sex toy item probably a knife set and whetstone. Will come in handy


More information is needed to give a meaningful answer. Crucially - are there any natives on this island? If so, are they friendly - and can they be persuaded to be very friendly?

If that’s a yes to all, then that changes everything - but assuming not, then I’d like “Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Metre” which I’d use to lash some palm trees together to make a raft and “Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle” to paddle back my raft back to civilisation!


Ooo, I’d have to say the Mon Ami Wand and the Womanizer Premium 2
Along with a never ending tube of Pringles to snack on! Who knows what kind of food we’re dealing with on a deserted island :sweat_smile:


:rofl: Okay, from the practical point of view @Wrong_Jeremy wins out hands down, but on the assumption it’s a desert island I don’t want to leave, that’s nice and warm, with a plentiful supply of food and with plenty of grassy fields (for my luxury item) and a regular drop off of medicine…

My two toys are:

  1. The We-Vibe Melt - my favourite guaranteed suction orgasm.

  2. The Joy-Roller - Powerful, fairly girthy internal vibe and deep massage rollers for tired muscles.

My luxury item:

  1. This chap for companionship and easy exploration of the island :blush:

I’d find it so hard to choose but probably go with the Lovehoney Womanizer Pro40 https://www.lovehoney.com.au/sex-toys/vibrators/clitoral-suction-vibrators/p/womanizer-x-lovehoney-pro40-rechargeable-clitoral-stimulator/a36927g74431.html and the Lovehoney Womanizer Inside Out for internal pleasure as well https://www.lovehoney.com.au/sex-toys/vibrators/clitoral-suction-vibrators/p/womanizer-x-lovehoney-insideout-rechargeable-g-spot-and-clitoral-stimulator/a39565g81525.html

My other choice would have been this magic wand with a clit attachment

My luxury item might be a satin or velvet, velvet covered big bean bag to lounge around in and sleep on. Hopefully I can sneak a good book too, and some good lube. Only if I can sneak it through the Lovehoney customs officials.

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Easy descion to be honest Lovehoney Extra Powerful Wand & We-Vibe Chorus

Luxury item would be a tarpaulin :rofl:

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Fleshlight Quickshot
Clover nipple clamps

My guitar

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I just realised it’s a genie so I better not annoy him by asking for the extra items. I’ll be happy with the first two and my bean bag.


Such a difficult decision but I’m thinking

Lovehoney mon ami Silicone Body Wand Massager - for me

To go with my luxury item being my husband :joy: is that allowed !! Brings me added pleasure , warmth and a pillow!

Great choices @Lovehoney_Brenna !

Think for me depending on how long I’d be stuck on the island I’d have to wish for a duel density ultra realistic sexy man doll and call him Kevin so he could keep me company… then I’d pair that with my Doc Johnson vibrating inflatable butt plug for some added buzz!
And finally my luxury item would be one of them big fancy tents :tent: what feel like a palace and would keep the sandflies away at night!