Strip Pong - This is the best game ever

We picked up a Strip Pong Pack earlier in the week and have been practicing hard all week. It's the best game ever!!!!

Tonight our friends are coming around. We hope the're good a losing ;-)

Drinking and sexy times baby.

hey what is strip pong ,is it like strip poker?but strip ping pong

Kind of but more fun. Heres some instructiosn I've copied.

10 cups are placed either end of a table filled with a drink or a mixture of your choice. Players then take turns to throw a ball into their partners (the person opposite) cup. When successful, their partner drinks the contents of the cup and follows the sexy instructions on the cup. The instruction could be: All clothes off, all clothes on, one item off, one item on or throwers choice (our favourite).

Pump up the music and it is seriously addictive. Just becareful when bending over to pick up a ball. lol

sounds like fun guys hope you enjoy it

i love the sound of this game just wish we had a few open minded mates to play it :(

any takers?

Just cleaning the balls now ;-)