Suggestion: Large condoms

Hopefully I'm not too ditzy and you don't already have this on your pages, but I haven't noticed any measurements at all on the larger condoms section.

I've ordered the Safex large condoms off here before for my partner, as he is quite large, but mostly it's the girth he has a problem with (5.5 inch) and most condoms are a bit too tight and cut a bit of the blood circulation off making him not as hard as he could be.

I just wondered if there were any measurements for the condoms in terms of diameter and length etc available to be put on the pages as I haven't seen any, or if anyone knows the best type of condom to use for a bigger girth rather than length (still a decent 7.5 inch in length).


Either sound like a good way of measuring :) Thankyou.

I just wondered because the safex large condoms were alright in length, but not too forgiving with girth and were still quite tight. Obviously they're meant to fit nice, but not enough to cut circulation off slightly lol.

Wow Carly, how do you remember all this stuff?? lol

x x x

Hmmm I have a latex allergy and me and my partner struggle with condoms because of this! We've been using Avanti but they are a bit small! I tried pasante's latex free but they were awful, mostly because they didn't look like condoms... they looked like plastic was a bit of a mood killer...can anyone recommend a bigger latex free condom? not huge just roomy enough for him to feel nice and comfortable...preferably one that looks like any other latex condom... pretty please... x