Suggestions please: as powerful as Tango

Hi guys. I labsolutely love my we-vibe Tango, but I'd like to get another bullet to keep it in my handbag. The thing is: it needs to be powerful like Tango and ideally rechargeable as I'm not keen on batteries. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Lovehoney's Desire Bullet is wonderful. I'd definitely recommend that if you need power in the Tango's range.

Desire bullet is fantastic yes!

Also would suggest:


Another vote for the desire bullet!

And anothervote for the desire bullet! It's amazingly powerful

I've not needed another bullet besides the tango but if I ever did I'd buy the desire one.

1 more here for the Desire bullet!

Also coming onboard to recommend the desire bullet, it really will knock your boots off!

Looks like I have to consider buying one too... Desire bullet!

They all said it but... Desire Bullet! It's crazy powerful.

Oh the Desire bullet seems to be a firm favourite. It's on my wishlist list. Thanks for your help