Supportive push up - recommendations


I was looking for some suggestions from you. I have been on a diet and due to it and stress as well (lost my job) lost 16kgs. It was a good thing in a way as am now happier with my figure, and so more confident. But a lot of the weight I have lost has been from my bust. My once lovely 34E bust has shrunk considerably in volume, I haven't actually gone down an awful lot in size- to a 32DD- but my boobs have really, well, deflated. I think they look awful - really empty.

Anyway, I was looking for some suggestions for some lingerie that looks really good but that will lift and push up what I have got. So I really need something underwired - if there's no underwiring it's really not going to do anything.

I wonder if a corset would do the trick? I'm a size 10 waist and a 12 bottom and bust is a 32E. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hiya Lulu - Sorry about your stress - but Congratulations on your weight loss. I have put a link below which may be useful to you - a LH Lingerie Guide with lots of different information on Corsets, sizeing, fitting etc.

Hope this helps:) xx

Have you thought about wearing a good bra under something? Some of the items in the cami, dress and bodystocking categories could work that way, or even just a pretty wrap/robe. Maybe pair it with something extra special below, like a garter belt? A male friend assures me that an extra layer is fine, it's more to unwrap. And it seems that men tend to just like breasts, wherever they are, and leave the fussing over details to us.

Will let others comment on corsets, I don't have any real experience with them.

Thanks you two for the replies. The buyers guide was v helpful - especially as I don't live in the UK, I wouldn't want to be ordering something that then didn't fit right and then have to return.

So, Rosehip, I think your suggestion of cami/dress with a good bra underneath with something special below may be the perfect solution. Good to know that the extra layer is fine - I suppose it is a bit like pass the parcel ;)

Am (unfortunately) good at fussing over details as have spent a long part of my life being rather overweight and fretting about that...

Oh well, had better go off, browse and rethink things. Thanks again

I find a good over-bust corset a godsend, or a basque with proper sized cups (which unfortunately means not purchasing through lovehoney). I have the iCollection Halter Neck Corset Top and G-String Set which really sets my 32GG/34G boobs off nicely. (They are rather 'detached' thanks to losing weight - think like a water balloon rather than being nice and perky).

Corset are good for a good old push up -

Corsets really appeal to me - must have been all those 1950s/40s musicals I watched when I was young at my granny's - you really can't beat them and the shape they give. I've never had one and have always wanted one. Naturally I tend to an hourglass shape and so I see myself in a corset - well, I'd like to see myself in a corset. Are there any particular ones that are good or will any over bust ones do the job?

My waist measures just under 26" so I'll need to order smaller than that if it is a "real" corset, won't I?

LetsTryThis - water balloon sounds exactly like me! Will have a look at the halter neck - I usally use halter necks a lot in the summer as they do really flatter a larger bust.

Thanks again girls