Surprise the wife

Away with work, horny, little tipsy. Decided to shave myself (male). Never done this before, and hoping the mrs will find it exciting when I get home

Will get home a few hrs before the kids are in bed, and have a long flight first

Any suggestions on how to surprise the wife in a sexy way?


Sorry. My first thought was tie a bow around it. More comical than sexy!

Ha - I used to do that too. I was in South Africa a lot, 2 weeks at a time. I used to shave before I met my wife, but she'd only ever seen it hairy. It was very liberating to shave as I arrived, knowing that in 2 weeks the signs would be gone.

I think the best way would be for her not to see it, but only to feel it. Once in bed, get your sleepware off and bring her hand over for a feel.

Good luck, I can only think she'll be thinking you were with someone else!!

Buy her a king size dildo from LH. Tie a ribbon round it and do the same with yours.

Tease her with it if she's not ready. Think she will go sexually crazy!