suspender belt

Ok so I am not the thinnest girl and was wondering ig you guys think suspender belts still look good on curvy girls. Love the look of them and keen to find one that isnt too expensive, and plus size as I'm struggling with this.

any opinions are grateful.xx

I'm not plus size, but suspender belts DEFINITELY still look good on curvy girls. If you're willing to spend a little more, I actually think things like girdles look better on thicker figures.

Usually plus size products still seem to have a size 8/lower model, but this looks great, has good reviews, and is pretty cheap!

Yeah thats what ive found, so looking at pictures doesnt give much of an idea. I think a garter belt.would be enough to start and tbh I dont even have anyone/thing to wear it for just make myself feel.pretty for the day haa xx

Your best bet is reading the reviews and sorting products by rating.

How about something like this? Or maybe getting some sexy knickers with suspender straps attached? If it's too much, you could add some stockings and there's a 20% voucher code floating around if you spend over £20.

Haha EVERYONE does that! Wearing cute lingerie always makes me feel sexy, even if no one can see it :')

Oooh thay is pretty may have to save somemore pennies haa xx

I think retro suspenders or 6 straps plus, look great on larger ladies like myself. I'm currently saving for something retro style x

kayliixx wrote:

Ok so I am not the thinnest girl and was wondering ig you guys think suspender belts still look good on curvy girls. Love the look of them and keen to find one that isnt too expensive, and plus size as I'm struggling with this.

any opinions are grateful.xx

Guys view yes most defiantly they add something to a woman's body. It's more about how they make you feel if it makes you feel sexy and so more confident then that's great. However if your not sure or have negative thoughts about it then it's probably best to leave it.

May get into trouble a little here but I will post it.

It shows care to detail and planning , it has Allways intrigued me how women dress and do there hair, make up ect. If you are going out for a bit more than a normal evening how go into routine and choose. I love watching my OH get ready it used to annoy her go away she'd say. I am admiring her but I am also having sexy thoughts. So I have talked to her about it. Yes she dresses to look nice and be confident but it is a signal I want you to make love to me later and the knowledge of knowing what she has on underneath is very exciting.

The one thing I would say is it is important for the guy to acknowledge your woman has gone to the effort to look nice in lingerie. Not sure how most women would feel. But after one formal evening when we got home I just had to have her, so by past all the formalities and striped her right off. She was ok with it at the time, but she did tell me later say that their was no point in her going to all that effort if I just whipped it all off. So guys take some time to admire the little extra your OH has put in.

In short, yes, yes they do! Probably one off my favourite items in my OHs collection

Thanks everyone, I think I will definately invest in one now just to find one for a plus size lady that is flattering, I dont really want to.spend too much but if any of you ladies have any plus size ones and can give me.advice on a nice one id appreciate it. What material is best etc or even if a skirted one looks better xx

Hi ideally you need a deep waisted one. Speaking as a lady with curves and a tummy the thin ones just cut me in two sooooo not flattering! Suspender belts with metal clips are fab but much more expensive. The more suspenders you have the better your stockings look but it is time consuming. Another way forward could be knickers or corset style that have suspenders attached. Good luck Xx

They're not the cheapest but check out Kiss Me Deadly (Lovehoney used to stock them but don't anymore).

They have a gorgeous range of vintage style suspender belts that look amazing on a fuller figure and their Vargas longline girdle is the most flattering piece of lingerie I've ever bought (I actually have several in different patterns and colours I love them so much). I wear their pieces both in bed and as an everyday thing. Everything has metal tabs which are way better at holding stockings up than plastic ones. Cannot recommend enough!

Kayliixx- I think suspenders look better on curvy girls, then again it is 2 of my weaknesses put together :-) I hope you have some luck finding a nice one to wear ? Xx

Hi Kayliixx - Heres one for you to look at my OH looks stunning wearing it ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif) Theres also a nice range of sizes. We will also have our review ready for this item soon and let me just say its definitely going to be a highly rated review from us.

Thanks to Lovehoney for the amazing service.

Thanks guys I did look at that one but needed it soon and its out until the 11th in my size :(

I ordered one and it came today, I was worried about it being tight so got a size bigger and it still didnt fit :( so sending it back tomorrow, and ordered another one to try, if thag doesnt work ill need to wait til the above one is back in stock xx

Kayliixx - absolutely yes. In fact, better than thin ladies! Go for it and enjoy.

My wife wears deep waisted ones or OBG's (Open Bottom Girdle) and she looks fantastic in them even if I do say so myself. Our advice would be to go for something solid and with metal clasps which are so much better at keeping the stockings in place.

Oh and the answer to your original question is .......... Of course curvy ladies look stunning in S&S :-)

The new one ive ordered is a little wider than the first so hopefully make a difference, once ive been paid I will definately invest in a deep waisted, more solid one!! Cant wait for second one to.come and fingers crossed it fits xx

I have this its ace and elasticated fits perfectly I recommend this highly . You will find one that suits your and fits you but also LH have a great returns policy too if its not quiet right

I would highly recommend this one

I have it in the smaller size (it's the one in my profile pic actually) though Lovehoney discontiuned the smaller version. The lace is lovely and soft and it just sits nicely on your skin, no digging in anywhere and it's a really nice deep lace belt. It's very versatile aswell and glams up any lingerie set. I've worn it out under a dress and it's really comfortable for waering for many hours outside the beroom too.

I got one that fits although I love this one PurringTiger and may have to get it as my next one!! Thanks to everyone xx