Hi I'm looking for a genuine swingers website please

We used to use Fabswingers. Lots of time wasters but did manage a few meets on there.

I have to agree with fabswingers. Met some lovely people there and easy to arrange at your local swinger club!

SDC is good too

Had some good meets from Fabswingers but it's hard work sorting out the timewasters and single men pretending to be couples.

Suggest you speak on the phone to arrange a meet, then meet on neutral ground like a pub. Don't just invite someone to turn up at your house!

Good luck!

We use fabs to. But it's a minefield

Is Fabswingers (supposed) to be for couples only?

Fabswingers all the way. Easy to. Lots have time wasters but easy to work out after abit of time. X

Fabswingers is for all