i am thinking of getting a swing
has anyone got or had experience in swings(door/ceiling swing) and can you get in some really funky positions in them

id love to have a go i here they are fun and you can get things in nice and deep with ease if i got 1 the kids would be a bit bewilderd why are swing not in the garden like theres!!!

i was thinking of one of these ones

Ooh, I've been intrigued by sex swings for several years. Never had the chance to try one out, yet, though :(

me me me too i want 1 *giggle*

I had a sit in one of them at a less reputable fetish club - like the last one on that list with the suspension frame. It was comfy but some freak in a zentai suit tried to walk between my legs shaking his lycra coated willy at me - so I slammed my platform boots together like 2 bricks on the thing, he went away after that but I didn't feel like playing on the swng any more.

Thinking of getting one for private use though of the fetish cub I now run :-)

After that I bet he did'nt go on the Slide either!

think i we might try this one first http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=7560
if we like it wiil go from there

id love to have one but no were to put one if it was in my room im sure if it was raining out side id get mummy can we go in your room and play on yours!!!

i really, really want a swing i was thinking of this one:


but not sure if i will break the door or something lol anyone used this would love to no what its like.

Yeah I really want to play on a swing as well, but you'd have to have pretty sturdy and thick doors for that last one. It's a clever idea though, coz a ring in the beams is a tad obvious!!

We bought one ages ago as a christmas pressie for ourselves. I think I did a review of it somewhere. Ah found it http//www.orgasmarmy.com/bondage/love-swing/review/4707.aspx

I love our swing and would recommend it to anyone. In fact I have;

I also have the stand and would also recommend that if you have a large enough place to keep it in.

You can get into some very creative positions with them.

Oooh I really want one of these now. Trouble is, I'd probably have to have a bigger flat for it. Hmmm now where's that rich man ;)

wouldn,t it be nice if they made a swing were you could attach a vib or dildo to it for when your alone or all by yourself,when your partner is away the lady love,s to play.

you know what it looks like fun however the child factor comes into it - mummy why do you have a swing in your bed room? lol

i do actually really want on of these now ;p

I'm gonna look daft now, but in my defense, I had a sheltered upbringing which I'm making up for lol-

How do you use a swing?