Taking toys abroad

We are planning a holiday to Egypt soon ,and I was wondering if there is any problem with taking toys out of the country with x-ray etc

I've taken my vibe through an airport before, I just took the batteries out, no-one asked any questions... My only problem was I had completely forgotten about the liquid restrictions and had taken lube with me so had to put that in my clear plastic bag, not that I was bothered but it amused me, lol....

And the vibe was in my hand luggage too.....

I imagine if you're going to Egypt you'll have a full size case, in which case it will go in the hold so really can't see any issue, but always take the batteries out...

I dont see why there would be if you put them in your suitcase. But you probably need to check on the legality of them in the country that you're going to.

Although in any country short of Saudi Arabia you'd probably be ok with them. Especially as a private citizen and a tourist.

Although that would one of the more odd embassy calls... "Yes I am a distressed bristish citizen - those b******** at the airport took my vibrators!"

I take my toys with me whenever I go abroad and have never had an issue. Always remove the batteries and I always put the toys in my main luggage rather than my hand luggage.

My cases were opened and searched once but there was nothing said and no embarrassment on either side.

I have taken a butt buddy on a long weekend abroad before in my hand luggage - I got stopped and my bag got searched.

The guy pulled it out of the bag and just winked at me and said "nice" and then put it back and let me go.


whats a butt buddy is it a plug

yeah it is (one of the Basics range here on LH)

I often have toys in my luggage both hand luggage and hold luggage when travelling to and from trade shows. I've yet to be stopped but I have always made sure that they don't have any batteries in them and if they are rechargeable that the travel lock is activated. It also helps to have them in some kind of bag/tin so that if your luggage is searched you can discretely warn the person searching that it is a personal item.

With regard to lube do try to put it the hold luggage and if you are concerned about the container being explicit you can even decant some into a plain bottle (available from boots). I was wondering the other day if there is a market for a discreet bottle of lube that has a subtle name supplied in a 50ml size that is perfect for travel... it's gone on the magic list of possible future products!