Taking toys on honeymoon - Abu Dhabi & Maldives

Hi peeps,

Me & my new wife will shortly be going on our honeymoon to the Maldives via a couple of days in Abu Dhabi.

Does anyone have any experience of taking sex toys to such places, I've heard they are banned?

We would love to take a couple of toys for some alfresco fun in our water villa or at least our lelo wand but would hate to have them confiscated!

Any thoughts or experiences would be great!

Thanks MB

I wouldn't bother. Sex toys are illegal in the Maldives. They will be confiscated.

Hello! They are classed as pornographic materials so are banned. If you took them they would be confiscated in the best case scenario but they can even arrest you, fine you and take legal action. Stay safe and do not take them.

with how strict muslim countries are re intimacy and i wouldnt even bother ☹️

Hi there, as others have said, they are illegal in the Maldives. I just checked online and found this:


Their customs website specifically bans “Pornographic material (including sex toys) such as books, magazines, films, videos, DVDs and software.”

Don't do it!

Thankyou all your advice, like you've said it's not worth it. Besides I'm sure we will have plenty of fun without! ;)

I have had a mini clitoral vibe in my bag while going through Dubai International but it was on the way to the UK. I would not risk it to be honest as will likely be consficated :(

Some parts of the world, even with all the 5 star hotels, fine dining, state of the art air conditioning, mega-malls and abundance of wealth are so clearly stuck in a social and sexual middle ages that even the most prudish of Victorian high society would be ashamed. Makes you appreciate how lucky we are to be living a part of the world that whilst isn't perfect, we can order whatever we like from companies such as Lovehoney without fear of prosecution or discrimination.

I'm sure the creative couple could find all sorts in your room that could be used? Fruits is one of the first that springs to mind?

we had our honeymoon in the maldives and i took a bullet vibe and had in main case in with my make up and it went through fine, but when you are there do not let you wife go topless as they go mental if this happens, where about in the maldvies are you going, hope you are going to male and use a seaplane to your island as the views are breathtaking, something you will never forget

Hi guys we are off to the Maldives early next year and have the sexy toy dlimema.. do we take anything or not.. even if just a simple vibe.. we have this vibe


which we may take or may treat ourselves to the Desire


Wife is a little cautious having looked onlie and the comments on here.. we did go to the Maldives around 10 years ago and are sure we took a rabbit vibe and had no issues.. does anyone know if they scan all luggage when you arrive into the Maldives or is it random checks?


Not worth it, honestly its a big deal for these countries and you should abide by the laws, is not a place i would take a risk

I agree with Jr, cg22. It's not worth it. As much as it seems absolutely crazy to us its their laws and by choosing to stay in their country we have to respect their rules.

Hi JR and rosy cheek I agree it's a risk and let's be honest the last thing anyone needs is that kind of start to a holiday is it .. and we must always respect the local wishes when we visit places

On a separate note can anyone let us know how long it can take from landing to getting on your transfer to your island ?

Remember in Abu Dhabi public display of affection is forbidden(kissing) so to is holding hands, doing either could get both of you locked up, not good if you've just got married or are just about to, why anyone would go there is beyond me.