Tango advice

Hello lovely LH forumites. I'm fairly new to sex toys, and seem to have developed an unfortunate addiction to bullets. Unfortunate because I don't have a lot of money to spend and have to save for major purchases (my biggest splurge was the Womanizer - took me ages to get the cash together, but helped enormously with a fortuitous 25% off code from LH!).

I love my Womanizer, but I'm now intrigued with the high end bullets like Tango and Mia2. I've searched reviews and threads here and discovered that once you use these, you don't need anything else.

I know that LH's returns policy is second-to-none, and I really do appreciate that if I try one of these, I can return, I'd just rather not. So, Ladies (and Gents), which one is the best?

I know you're gonna ask me whether I like rumbles or buzzes, but I have no idea what this actually means. The only toys I've used are Tracey Cox's little bullet (does the trick, but can over-sensitise), and LH's SIlver Bullet (ditto).

I have a nerve condition which will mean me losing sensation over time, and I have gone quite recently from hitting the big O in under a minute to now taking about 5. My fingers are also no longer strong enough so a bullet is going to be a necessary tool for me if I don't want to be wall-climbing with frustration!

I'd really like to try something different, so advice, suggestions and experiences please.

As an aside, I've been offered a Tango that a friend was bought a few years ago (it's pale blue). She's never fancied using it and it's still in the original package. She'd take £30 for it if I wanted to take it off her hands. Good idea or save for my own (will take ages!)?

Many thanks in anticipation of some great answers.

I have both of these toys and I will admit the Tango truly lives up to the hype, it is an extremely powerful toy, so it's not something that suits everyone. If you like powerful vibrations and need a higher intensity, then I would go for the Tango. It's charging system isn't the best but that's the only flaw I could find with it. The Mia is much easier to charge but is a little bit weaker in terms of strength. There was a recent thread about the differences between buzzy and rumbly that might be useful to you :) I think the Tango is worth a try, even on the lowest setting it's incredible. I got the Mia2 after the Tango and was slightly underwhelmed after being spoilt with its luxury vibrations. 

Thank you, NatandTom.

Could I ask, do you have the newer or older version? I'm tempted to say a big fat YES to my friend's offer (an unwanted gift. UNWANTED?! From her ex, a day before they broke up, so she's forgiven), but am a bit wary because of the rep the older ones had with charging problems.

£30, though. And I can pay her weekly! She's also said if it's dead from the start to call it quits and bin it as she won't accept money for something that doesn't work. She pops in a lot so I'd charge it initially and then as her to the switching on ceremony - just to make sure ;-)

I think if it lasted 6 months, I'd be happy as it would work out half price. It'd give me time to save for a new one if I liked it, too.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Thank you.

Here's the thread mentioned earlier to gasp the difference between rumbly and buzzy: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1395162-the-ultimate-rumbly-vs-buzzy-dispute/ - and here there is (once again) talk about the Tango too (including my opinion).

Thanks, Era.

I'm assuming, reading the posts, that the little non-rechargeables are buzzy.

Also assume the only way to feel the difference is to use different toys.

Argh! Dying to open the box now!

I have the new version though it's still temperamental! If it's on a flat surface to charge it should be fine. I'd definitely try the one your friend has and see what you think :)

Check out the battery of your friend's Tango - rechargeable batteries can die when not being used regularly. I would charge it, run it down (having it vibrating away on a clean surface) and recharge it at least once before buying it.

Otherwise it's always a gamble: high price and the right to return the toy vs. low price and no return - you win some, you lose some (so far I've won two, lost one - though having bought from shops I'm at least covered for technical failure).

The other question: Do you think your fingers will be able to hold a powerful bullet? I've read a number of times that the vibrations of the Tango become bothersome in the hand, and I personally don't like holding vibrating love eggs (don't have a powerful bullet). My favourite clit vibe despite all its shortcomings is the LH Venus butterfly (takes recharcheable batteries), but I guess I don't need/want pinpoint stimulation anyway.

Another "something different" would be the WeVibe Touch - same motor as the Tango but bigger (thus hopefully easier to hold) and encased in silicone.

NatandTom - I'm surprised. I thought the new charger was meant to be sort of fail-safe. Then again, I have a magnetic charger toy and know how finicky the damn things can be.

Talia & NatandTom - she's dropping it off either tomorrow or the day after. Woohoo!!

I asked her to drop it off as I've always pre-charged battery things at least overnight (if not left on charge for 24 hours). I get really irritated by advice that things come pre-charged and can be used straight away. That way, IME, leads to miserable battery life. The only phone I had that didn't have exceptional battery life was one that I only charged a couple of hours. I've also "conditioned" my batteries frequently by running them to dead then re-charging to full. I know this isn't the right advice for some battery types, but it's worked for me so far.

Talia - thank you for asking. I probably can manage a powerful bullet as I'd use it with my "good" hand (I'm right-handed and frequently thank my lucky stars that my left side has been affected instead of my right). I'm also panicking like mad as I know at some point my bladder function will probably be hit and that means my orgasms are going to get harder to reach/poor. I've noticed a rapid deterioration in the last few months alone, which is a bit of a bummer. So,I'm making up for lost time/potential loss right now and going a little bit nuts with sex toys, though I'm definitely a clit stim gal.

They say pride comes before a fall and I think that applies to me - I used to be so smug about my 30-second manual O's. Now, I'm finding it harder and longer to reach the big O's (and particularly the really satisfying ones!), I have a new understanding of how difficult it can be for a lot of women.

I'm looking forward to taking my "new" tango for a test drive now, so fingers crossed!

We have both old and new tango, and there is a noticeable power difference, but high on the old is still wayyyy higher than any other bullet we've tried.
Just a left of field idea, if holding a toy is becoming an issue, have you considered a pair of them knickers that have a pouch for a vibe - you could swap out the included vibe for a tango. Just thinking it might help you keep.it in position.
Then there's always mains powered wand to consider - you don't need to be so pinpoint with these and they are even more powerful.

Dammit! You've all posted such helpful responses but I just can't resist the temptation to say.....

The Orange flavour has always been overrated, IMO, and I prefer the Apple. Geddit? Tango!! I'll get my coat.

Sum Sub - I'm okay holding with my right hand at the mo (and hopefully I'll stay that way!). It's just my left side, including the pubic area, I've started having major problems with. I thought the old one would be a good way of ramping up the power from the Tracey Cox/LH Silver bullets. I don't want to go higher until I really need to - if /when the "new" old one dies, I'll try the new, and then I will be looking into wands.

Thanks for the info on the power difference, though. I'd not read about a power difference between them, only the battery/charging improvements. It's made me think that if the "new" old one lasts 6 months, I'll probably be looking for something with a bit more power anyway, so I won't be too broken-hearted if I get that long out of it since it's costing half the price to start with (fingers crossed it lasts that long!). I've started saving for the upgrade already. I'm determined to get the mileage out of my clit, too!

Collector - I'm an apple gal, though occasionally, the orange is nice ;-D

If you can hold out, LH usually have an xmas day "forum" sale including high end toys at 40% off - tango has been in it for a few years iirc.
And yes i dropped the x-bomb (or c-bomb) in February.

Sum Sub - I'm having a brain fart here (another one of my incresingly lovely symptoms!). Bomb?

Okay, Tango in letter box this morning and I've opened the box... to find it's a two-pin charging plug!!!

Is this normal? I video'd me opening the box for us both and sent it to her. She's as shocked as me. I know she's had it years at it was a gift from an ex (who called her "frigid" amongst many other things when she broke up with him). Kind of put her off, but she's a chronic hoarder (I can't knock her, I'm the same). Her house is like some kind of time warp museum now, and we're only in our early 50's! I'm sort of "encouraged" by OH to keep the clutter "manageable" in ours.

I don't have a specific UK>US voltage adapter, but it does fit the adapter my toothbrush is in. Is it safe to charge it up?

Thanks again, everyone.

Yeah that'll be fine VR :-) I hope you like it!

Oooh! Foxxy! I just rushed out and plugged it in - the little orange light is merrily glowing away (the battery was totally dead!).

PS I bought my Womanizer after reading your review - love it! Thank you.

Aww, you're welcome! The Tango is great too :-)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope it'll last until the next Christmas sale so I can upgrade if I like it enough. Knowing my luck, they won't have it this year.

Also, I checked out some more of your reviews and notice that you've got a few e-stim items (hope you didn't mind me "stalking" you!). I was given a Tickling Truman to try, and wow.

E-stim is something I've looked into since learning my nerves are giving out. I was using Kegel/jiggle balls in the hope of keeping everything alive for as long as possible when my nurse suggested e-stim. I started off with the Tenscare iTouch (from LH - I'm putting a review together to post soon), and really enjoyed the feelings. OH loves spooning me when I use it as my bottom does funny little twitches!

I have no idea where my sis got Truman from (I assume Amazon as she's keeping the postie very busy with Amazon deliveries!). If you want more info, let me know. Or, if you know if I can write a review for a non-LH purchase, I'll add a review here.

Just wondered. I'm a review junkie and love reading them .

You can write reviews for any items that are or were sold by LH even if you bought said items from elsewhere.

I've not long reviewed Truman's brother Sizzling Simon over on my blog :-) I agree, it's amazing! I love Electra-Stim products, but I have to say, the Mystim really does offer something different. I could lie there for hours with the Simon and not get bored. I'd love to try Truman sometime, the more bulbous head intrigues me hugely! E-stim is fantastic at working those muscles and keeping the nerves firing, and because it will help tone your pelvic floor, it will likely improve your orgasms too. Win win!
As Era said, definitely review it :-)

Era - fab! I wouldn't have half what I have if it wasn't for reviews.

Foxxy - you have a blog? I've only just started getting into blogs. Are you allowed to point me in the direction of yours?

I think I'd have preferred Eric tbh. Truman's head is, um, challenging (for want of a better word - I'm one of those odd people in I'm quite big/tall, but have tiny hands, feet and, ahem, foof) for me. But, as they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. If I can afford him I might upgrade to Simon one day. How big are those ridges? I don't use the vibrations much, just the e-stim. I love the Kegel programme and I'm thrilled not to be tied to wires, too. My nurse checked me out and I'm in good shape down there at the mo, but I know that my nerve function, and therefore my muscle tone is deteriorating.

Thanks, both.