So I bought my Tango about 6 months or so ago. It's the older version, not the new one on sale right now. The charge doesn't last as long as it used to.

This may seem like a silly question, but do the rechargeable batteries not work as well over time? Or is this a fult with the toy?

Rechargable batteries do lose the ability to provide as much power as previous charges the more they are charged yes. There will be an 'average' number of charges you get from a battery on the packaging when you buy them. Overcharging the batteries will greatly reduce their lifespan too - as well as letting them completely run out of juice and then over charging.

If the toy has been working fine I would be inclined to think that it is infact the batteries, time for a new set! :D

I have heard before that they do loose their charge over time, and due to that I'm careful to not have it on charge constantly, etc. I didn't know if it's the same kind of battery they use in rechargeable toys than in your average rechargeables you buy, for example, for your camera.

I guess I'm just a little peeved if it means I have to spend over £50 to buy a new Tango when this one has only lasted a few months!

Well try the batteries first, get a nice pack of rechargables (the standard Alkaline ones will die way too fast) and see if it is ok. The batteries are a lot cheaper than £50 and they are good to have around anyways :D

I have the old and the new one and although I haven't noticed any changes in power (it's always been horrible to charge though) it did develop a weird rattle over time.

However, if you still have the box it came in you can register it with We-Vibe and as long as you've had it for less than a year, you can send it off to them and they'll take a look and replace it with a newer one if needs be. If you don't have the box/didn't register it when you got it I think they'll still do it as long as you have proof of purchase, don't quote me on that though! It's worth contacting them about at least.



Thanks Celia. I do have the box, yes, although I can't remember if I registered or not. I didn't know if it was a Lovehoney issue, or a We-Vibe issue, or if it's just something to be expected with rechargeable toys. I might power off a message to customer care here, and at We-Vibe and see what the deal is!

It's not a problem with the power level as such, it is still as powerful after a full charge, but the power dies down a lot quicker than it used to, and then it runs out quicker.

Yay, hope someone sorts it for you! My old version We-Vibe Touch started acting strangely a couple of months after I got it and by that the new one had come out and We-Vibe said they'd send me a new one if I sent the old one back to them, their customer service is pretty stellar in my experience.

Oh and I just remembered - I have heard of other people's Tango/Touch vibes losing power/cutting out before, it seems to be a bit of a thing with their toys? Hey Epiphora covered it a bit in her review: http://www.heyepiphora.com/2014/01/review-tango/

I do too!

I have a Touch too, and I don't think I've had the same problem with that although I don't think I use it often enough to tell really. I just love my Tango so much I'm worried it'll die on me and then then I'll have to do without!

Thinking about it, I think mine might be noiser than it was when I first got it too. Hmm! I don't quite know what to do.

I don't want to stop using it because it's by far my favourite toy.

Hi, if you bought it from Lovehoney please contact Customer Care they will be able to assist you.


Thanks Cazz.

If Lovehoney can't sort it out for you, then We-Vibe definitely, definitely will. It's worth getting in touch with Lovehoney first if that's where you bought it from - I'm sure there'll be something they can do!

I lost my old Tango just as it started messing up for me, but I was lucky enough to get the new version which I think is a lot better. It's worth upgrading, I've had mine since June and it's completely fine, whereas my old one started playing up about 3-4 months after I got it. It would rattle when I held it upside down, which is obviously how I always used it and the charge didn't last long at all. I literally have no idea where it disappeared to, it obviously knew it had failed me haha!

Same thing happened mine. But it was my most favourite toy so I assumed I had over used it. Now if I charge it, it's loses its charge withing two hours.... And that's without use. If I use it it cuts out in 5 minutes

I contacted customer care, and they sorted it all out for me. They're replacing it with the new version (as long as mine stands up to being faulty - and it's not just in my head!). I'm very, very, very happy - LH service is amazing!

Now I'll just have to deal with Tango withdrawal for the next couple of weeks!

My replaced Tango arrived this morning. I actually love you, Lovehoney.