Target Practice Sub Mariner

Okay, I've mentioned this one before but I've just noticed this spangly new Product Request Board so here we go:

Why don't Lovehoney try selling the Target Practice Sub Mariner Butt Plug?

It's brill. Big, rippled and luverly, and the further you go the wider it gets! I reckon it'd be a hit.

Here you go BBG:

We actually got it in the last time it was requested, but we have a bit of a backlog (of hundreds) of products that are waiting to go live, so it's taken longer than it should have done...

WOW - Now that's what I call a response!

Cudos prof

Yes, but don't expect that to happen *every* time - if you post while the Prof's in his shed, you could be waiting for days ;-)

I heard a rumour he lives in it and Bonny ties him up and locks him in a gimp box every night...