** Target Practice Sub Mariner ** :-)

I wouldnt know but have you ever seen this... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Target-Practice-Vinyl-14cm-B-51/dp/B000NWTBY6/ref=sr_1_3/026-8477168-4676449?ie=UTF8&s=personal&qid=1173558201&sr=1-3

You can get the sub marina from BedtimeHeaven.co.uk for £39.95 seems a bit expensive to me :S or amazon for £29.95 but it says new and used eewwww hope its not used hahaha.......... this one from amazon Target Practice Vinyl 14cm B-51 Butt Plug is £19.95 but you would have to have a erm..*cough* copious behinde to accomodate it :P

Eeek - I wouldn't trust that Amazon thing!

I've seen the sub Mariner elsewhere but I prefer to shop at Lovehoney doncha know :-) I thought it might make a good pussy pleaser too, not just an anal toy. What do you reckon?

I know what you mean about the size thing, but you don't know what you're missing until you've tried something nice and laaaarge inside you... Mmmmmmm. :-P~

ps - I notice that Amazon has a selection of anal toys listed under their "Kitchen - Bar and Wine Tools" section. HAHAHAHA

Could make for an interesting dinner party...

Well i'm still new to the bum thing!... I dont think introdusing my little bottom to a sub marina is the best plan :P hehehe I can imagin needing a huge tub of sudacream if I did!! o0o0ouch!! :O

:O I noticed that too :O I didnt think it was really a sex toy thing till i clicked :P I almost peed mi pants!! amazon are seriously in need of some advice!
*Dildos and butt plugs do not belong in the kitchen* MMmmMM I wonder.. they could make intresting cup holders.. can you imagin the convo's that would spark?

Im only a tiny girl any way :P lol so I worry I may come across a dildo or butt plug bigger than me :O... I will take my time and enjoy the experiences given to me... hopefully my bum wont get so stretched that i cant hold my erm... well you know stuff up there :O

LOL - it looked like a doorstop to me! Shows how much Amazon know about sex toys anyway.

Hey, how about this - a vibrating probe could make a good swizzle stick perhaps? Auto drinks mixing with style :-P

More Gin vicar? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hehe I like mine shaken not stired :O... too funny .. I can just see my mum comming over, *Laynie love thats a strange cup holder you have, and is that a new cocktail stirer?* Yes mum its a new COCK-tail stirer I got it from erm... AMAZON * :O

hehehe its cos we are typing at same time^^

Hey Laynie - talking of anal sex toys - what do you think of the one on my new avatar?

OMFG it looks a bit scarey :P but maybe in time when I dont have a tight behind it will look more appealing :P
Im still on the tiny stuff ;) lmao