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Is anyone else into tarot? I like to read for myself and engage in a bit of discussion but the tarot forums I’ve been on have gone very quiet.

This last week I’ve been looking for information on autosexuality and did the reading below asking whether it was an orientation that might apply to me, at least at times, or something that would be worth trying to move myself more towards.

Position 1 - Where am I at the moment?

Card - 4 of Cups. Cups represent emotions.

General meaning - Overdoing something leading to boredom and stagnation.

Interpretation - The only thing this could apply to is porn. I used to get a lot from it but nowadays will sometimes spend a while searching, downloading and sorting images only to look at them once or twice, lose interest and delete them. I’ve currently only got one set of images where a guy is masturbating in front of a fully clothed woman who’s merely watching him and I’ve finally got to the point of wondering why she needs to be there at all.

Position 2 - What will change in the near future?

Card - II The High Priestess.

General meaning - Hidden knowledge and inner wisdom gained from self-examination.

Interpretation - The idea seems to be that of turning inwards, focusing on my own mind and possibly my own body, rather than images and fantasies of other people.

Position 3 - What is attracting me?

Card - 10 of Swords. Swords represent the mind.

General meaning - Defeat, death, a worst case scenario which however clears the way for a fresh start.

Interpretation - I definitely feel attracted to the idea of killing off patterns of thinking that don’t make me happy, intrusive thoughts.

Position 4 - Key to integration.

Card - 10 of Wands. Wands represent the will and energy.

General meaning - Overload and burnout.

Interpretation - As the “key”, positive advice would be to drop a burden, something that’s weighing me down and draining me. Given the other cards I’m certainly going to delete the remaining porn and hold back from looking at any more. Perhaps I should avoid creating a new burden by searching for a label, just try to refocus on my own body and sensations when my attention is caught by the sight or images of women.


Very interesting :face_with_monocle: I’ve always had a fondness for tarot and even got a deck of my own but never learnt the ways of using them. I did years ago start a course on rune readings but never finished it lol

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I never got anywhere with finding the “right” deck and meanings or big complicated books, I think it’s just a matter of finding a deck that appeals to you, sticking to the book that comes with it, and practicing until you bond with it and get better at magicking out the appropriate cards. You can start by drawing a card each day, thinking about it and seeing if anything happens that corresponds. The decks by Radleigh Valentine have very kitschy artwork but are cheap, have the meanings printed on the cards as well as more in the little guidebooks, have pretty standard meanings but spin them and some of the card names to give positive interpretations and not freak anyone out.

There’s a lot out on there on the internet in terms of Tarot and divination … So even if one area is quiet have a look elsewhere, maybe try the likes of YouTube or Facebook groups for the topic and I’m certain you’ll find plenty. There’s groups and videos for everything these days!


Thanks although this forum does have the advantage that I can mention sex without offending peoples highly refined and spiritual natures. :scream:

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I love reading the tarot, I usually add oracle cards to my reading to, especially if it isn’t clear what a certain card is saying in relation to the rest of them.

I’ve got quite a few of the more sexual decks of tarot cards.


I’m glad I didn’t draw the 10 of Swords from the Cosmic Tribe Tarot. :see_no_evil:

I’ve tried all sorts of oracle decks, particularly as clarifiers, but didn’t click with any proper decks. The only ones that really work well for me are a couple based on the chemical elements and solar system which weren’t even intended for fortune telling but rather as add ons to a couple of books. Thus proving that the magic isn’t in the cards themselves. Reality is also often much stranger than the stuff people just make up, for example one of the cards is Asteroid Eros and you’ll see just how easy this one is to interpret if you do a search for nasa eros 3d model and drag the image around with your finger. :joy_cat:


Yes as some people defo get freaked when they get a death card but don’t realise it isn’t meaning death lol


No it means change but CAN mean death dependent upon other cards surrounding it and the position of those cards.

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Yup exactly :cowboy_hat_face: very intriguing and mysterious to them all


I used to read oracle cards without any spread, just pull one from each deck and compare them all for common and contrasting images, colours, numbers, words and phrases in the guidebooks. Sometimes there might be as many as eight cards.

Now I like to do it with one tarot and two fact cards, it’s a good game searching for all the clues hidden within them and more can pop out over a period of days. If I feel like practicing I might ask a trivial question or just for them to tell me something.

At the moment I’m engaged in listening to my collection of Tangerine Dream albums, playing them through in chronological order with the idea that on reaching the end I’ll begin again from the start until I know them all really well, but I feel the quality drops off with time so drew cards for advice on restricting it to the 1970s only.

Tarot card - Ace of Swords. Clarity of perception, mental focus, the birth of a new idea. This suggests it’s a good plan.

Solar System card - Jumping Off Deimos. This moon of Mars is so small that gravity is only 1/1000th that of Earth. A fit person looking for entertainment could jump to the height of a kilometre and with a bit more effort manage to launch themselves into permanent orbit around it. Going too fast however could result in leaving Deimos forever and falling to the surface of Mars. This gives the idea that I could happily cycle through the right sequence of albums, not too few or too many. The card also says the best pictures of Deimos (at the time of publication) were taken by the Viking spacecraft in the 1970s - so matching my choice of decade - and that Viking 2 approached to 22km in 1977. This year is regarded by many fans as the last of the classic period after which one of the key members left. 22 is also the number of tarot “major arcana” cards which are often regarded as a cycle and roughly the number of albums I’m considering.

Elements card - Vanadium, symbol V, element 23. I’ve only just found out that an excerpt of one of the tracks in these albums had been previously released on a Virgin Records compilation album simply titled “V”. The front of the card shows a curl of the metal cut off a cylinder using a lathe, perhaps suggesting trimming my selection down a bit and also repeating the concept of rotation or cycles. The back mentions that traces of vanadium produce the green colour in emerald. Now the tarot card in the deck I have shows a sword crossed by a bolt of lightning and a translucent green sphere like a bubble. I’m thinking that without the green this bubble would be fully transparent so the small amount of green has reduced its clarity and therefore a small number of the albums I’ve chosen are lessening the enjoyment of the whole. My 1970s collection consists of 21 Tangerine Dream albums and 4 solo albums, totalling 25, but the two later solo albums from 1977 and 1979 are not great and don’t fit in, so I’ve omitted them, leaving 23. This still includes two post 1977 albums I’m in two minds about how much I really like, they’re a bit transitional with only two of the main members before a new stable lineup began in 1980. I’m going to keep them in the list for now and review whether to remove them after a few listens through. It can be quite stressful finding almost matching numbers in the cards and feeling the need to resolve contradictions and make them fit somehow, but in this case I’m going to concentrate on the idea of 23 or maybe a bit less, so won’t worry if it ends up as 21, 22 or includes albums after 1977. The period 1977-1979 was a bit transitional for me as well, so maybe there’s a message for me to think about that too, when did things really change?

I’ve been thinking about autosexuality but it doesn’t come naturally, it’s much easier to focus on sex toys and sensations, so I drew a tarot card asking whether asexuality was more the attitude to look into. I didn’t need any clarifying cards as it was very clear to interpret.

8 of Swords - I am trapped and bound by ideas, mental restrictions, but I can free myself if I can just open my eyes and see this clearly. I think I really need to stop looking for stimulation from the sight and images of other people, understand that it doesn’t lead to real happiness.

Following on I was wondering if there was such a thing as an asexual fantasy that could give me appropriate imagery to visualise and discovered an appealing one in the scenario of being alone in a spacecraft or alien city being stimulated by sex machinery, maybe looking out on stars or involving sounds and coloured lights. A single tarot card for this was also very encouraging that I might be on the right track.

Strength - achieving one’s aims through gentle and persistent influence rather than brute force. This suggests a regular and gentle visualisation such as this would gradually refocus my mind in the desired direction rather than trying to wrench it away from what I don’t want.

Fantasy hasn’t worked, asexual or not, but that may be one of those ideas I need to escape from. Things have moved on recently to mere relaxation and concentration on sensations with no imagery or physical stimulation at all, which on looking back may have been predicted at the outset.

Upon asking what effect discussing this might have, I drew the 7 of Pentacles, representing an impending harvest. The message seems to be that I now possess all the pieces of my personal jigsaw and am in the process of fitting them together, I don’t need to go looking for any more. On the other hand, my puzzle may be different to the next person’s, in which case my pieces won’t help them at all.