Hello Everyone

I want to purchase the Sequin Nipple Tassels but I have big boobs which no longer stand to attention with out a bra lol, my question is for those big bobs ladies have you brought these and what did it look like on?

Hi MissPinky,

Have you thought about wearing a half of open cup bra with nipple tassels? Something like iCollection Satin Open Cup Bra and G-String Set might be nice, or the Exposed Luv 1/2 Cup Bra, Suspender and G-String Set. Great for a sexy burlesque look and gives a confidence-boosting lift too!

Exposed Luv 1/2 Cup Bra

iCollection Satin Open Cup Bra and G-String Set

Hiya Pinky

i have big boobs that like yours, they are no longer wiilling to stand to attention,like Gemma as suggested using one of the above bras, does really help you,it will support and lift your boobs making them look firmer and pert, they made my boobs look very sexy when wearing nipple tassles

Oh what for big boobs??? Am a 34J will it fit???? I really like the tassels. I can see the bottom picture but this lady has smaller boobs.

Having just tried tassels out with fair sized boobs is suggest a half bra for support
Unless your twirling them as that will defeat the object, I've just come back from a tassel class lol